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From the Editor: The best from myWanderlust this week

Daisy Cropper steps in to give you a round-up of the best myWanderlust has to offer this week

I can literally taste the sugar! (satkinson)

Where do I begin with this week's round-up of our chatty, well-travelled community?

Straight to the just back from entries to nosy around and find out top tips from recently-returned travellers.

While we're all in the throws of Autumn and a gloomy-looking season change DrG has been basking in some late-summer sunshine in Berne. He even recommends taking a fast-paced dip in the Swiss capital's river, although not for the faint-hearted or weak swimmers, it does sound refreshing.

JanieB on the other hand has just returned from the Congo and has a warning... Watch out for tinned spam! She advises travellers they must be prepared for a tough time but it sure looks like (there are accompanying photo galleries too) she had one amazing and eventful trip.

Closer, to home satkinson has returned from Ghent/Gent/Gand (she can't decide which) to share delights of Belgian beers, yummy waterzooi and modern art. Don't miss her photos, the Belgian waffle is my favourite – I can literally taste the sugar!

As always I'm looking forward to seeing more just back from entries written up into fuller experiences to find out more about your worldwide trips.

Over to experiences and katym is planning her return tip to Jordan after she missed out on swimming in the Red Sea – at least we now know it's not just the UK with all the rainy, rubbish weather. Liz Cleere says love Mumbai or hate it, you can't ignore it and gives a fascinating insight into the city – an experience not to miss. Off to the African coast and to Alan Taylor's tales of a week spent in The Gambia. He talks of pretty farmlands, friendly locals and a fascinating history. But beware, Alan warns of the notorious bumsters – engage with them at your peril...

As I have already mentioned, don't miss satkinson and JanieB's superb photo galleries. As for other photos keep an eye out over the weekend for water themed pics – this week we're having another myWanderlust photo competition. Find out how to enter your images here.

The forum has been alive this week with the tall tales of foolish things fellow travellers have said or done. Inspired by last week's 20 most astonishing complaints article, we asked myWanderlust members what the most ridiculous or staggering thing they've heard on their travels. There are too many to choose from in terms of stupidty. I do like LaurenAmelia's post, “I'd love to go to Poland – that's where Polar bears are from”. Oh wow.

As for the rest of the forum, roovilla wants to know if anyone is up for a Midlands meet-up to swap travellers' tales. Plus are there any football fans on myWanderust? Newcomer, ConnorJt is asking football fans for help on where to see good local games – do you have any suggestions?

And lastly, but certainly not least we want to welcome newbie pattison1 to myWanderlust. We may not have too many travel companions, but we have so many members who can offer you great advice and also myWanderlust will offer you a great place to share your photos, tips and experiences when you return from you trips. We hope to see you around the website more!

I could rant and rave about all the things that I've enjoyed reading or seeing on myWanderlust this week but it is better for you to seek it out yourselves...

Peter's back next week from his trip to Nairobi, keep your eyes peeled for an eventful just back from post.

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