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About me: Jamie and I moved aboard our boat, SY Esper, in 2006 making Turkey our base in the Eastern Med for a few years where we picked up an addition to the family, Millie the Cat. In 2009/10 we spent six months sailing 4,500 miles to Kochi. We used the pontoon on Bolgatty island as a base from which to explore fabulous India for nearly three years before sailing through the Maldives, Chagos and Madagascar. But things didn't go to plan -- they sometimes don't on yachts -- and we ended up being blown eastwards. We're currently flitting between Malaysia and Thailand fixing the boat. Not sure where to next. Maybe Indonesia and then PNG. Or back into the Indian Ocean, there's still loads to see there. And the east African coast beckons... Jamie and I blog about life afloat at We also vlog on YouTube:
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The world according to Liz Cleere

Mountain/Desert/Ocean/Jungle... which one are you?
Ocean, of course. Still, I like variety and am at home in mountains, cities and jungles too. I used to dislike the desert because the dust made me ill, but on a trip to Wadi Rum recently I "got" why people love it so much. If I had to stay in one place it would be by the sea, with mountains close by and near a buzzy town; Fethiye in Turkey just about fits the bill.

What was your first great travel experience?
My earliest memory is lying in the back of an open top car, with the gentle kiss of a warm wind on my face; I'm looking up into the night sky at the stars. Mum tells me we had a convertible Morris Minor when I was a baby and I used to lie on the back seat in a carry cot, as she and Dad whizzed around Britain. I was around 18 months then.

What has been your favourite journey?
That's like asking if I prefer chocolate or chips! There have been too many. Mind you, I won't forget sailing the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea in a hurry.

What are your Top 5 places worldwide?
London, my place of birth, will always be in my heart. The coasts of Sudan and Eritrea. The Eastern Himalaya: Sikkim, Nepal and Darjeeling. Turkey. Jordan.

Recommend a special place to stay
Just one? Varnam Homestay in Wayanad.

Which three items do you always pack?
Hypothyroidism pills. Tablet. Notebook.

Which passport stamp are you proudest of?
"The holder of this passport has been granted a liquor permit" Gujarat, India.

Which passport stamp would you most like to have?
Antarctica (actually, anywhere south of the Equator...)

Where or what is your guilty travel pleasure?
Radio 4 and the World Service if I'm anywhere near wifi.

Window or aisle?
Window. If I'm in economy (which I am nowadays, unless I'm lucky enough to be given an upgrade), I pile pillows, jumpers and blankets against it and usually manage a half decent sleep. I also prefer to be the disturber, rather than the disturbed in the aisle seat. And who doesn't like a nice view?

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    Are you checking your moles? No, not the hairy ones that dig up your lawn, I’m talking about the ones that appear on your body and occasionally turn malignant.
  • Pong

    It's week 26 of our boat re-fit in southern Thailand, so I thought I'd write about one of the workers we've befriended here. It's hot and hard work, but strangely exhilarating.
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    It's Labour Day in Malaysia, so Kuah is quieter than usual this Friday. But Langkawi is a tourist island so there are still plenty of fun things to do, and visitors are arriving from all over the coun...
  • Walking boots: how can I find a pair which don't kill my feet?
    Just threw out the latest pair (in a boatyard in southern Thailand, so they went to one of the workers there who will give them a good home). The previous pair were left on a pile of wood on a trail i...
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    I switched off email comment alerts when we set sail from India to reduce my Inbox, but now can't work out how to turn them back on! Can you help? Also, as I don't have so much time to spend on the s...
  • Another month, another first day. Where are you going this September?
    I'm off to the UK to see family and friends. I'm also really exited to be meeting some virtual friends I've made through myWanderlust and the IWC!
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