Daisy Cropper

Daisy joined the Wanderlust team back in 2010 following her graduation from the University of Creative Arts in Surrey with a 2:1 degree in Journalism. Staying with the company for three and a half years she worked across online media production: generating content, overseeing production schedules, updating social media activity, editing e-newsletters and generally keeping online readers happy.

Now she works in website production, managing large projects for high-end residential clients, and is based in her favourite city: Oxford. She freelances as a feature writer, copywriter and editor. She's also a Regional Author for Cool Places, reporting on the best and latest places to visit in Oxford and the Cotswolds.

When she's away from the world (rarely as she's developing a Twitter addiction): you'll have a hard job finding her. The self-confessed travel nut aims to visit all the countries in the world in her liftetime, and has only ticked off 16 so far.

Follow her adventures on Twitter: @daisy_cropper

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