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With the country on the verge of a monumental change we swap hotels for homestays to find out what the locals really think…

Wildlife special

From Japanese monkeys in January to South Georgian penguins in December, your month-by-month expert guide to spotting wildlife on your travels

Seychelles on a budget

Paradise for less – we show you how to enjoy the best of the 155 islands on a shoestring

Climb Mt Fuji

We take you up the uncrowded route on Japan’s highest mountain PLUS 12 other must-climb peaks from around the world featuring Toubkal, Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc and more…

Birdwatching in Tobago

Grab your binoculars to spot this Caribbean gem’s bounty of birds that thrive in its rugged rainforest

Plus... Take refuge in a beautiful British bothy; First 24 hours in Perth, Australia; Discover France’s iconic Mont St-Michel; Explore one of the USA’s oldest European settlements in Florida; Interview with TV presenter Dan Snow and lots, lots more...

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Articles from this issue

Geocaching: Everything you wanted to know

You've probably heard the name geocaching but what is it? Why do it? And what do you need to know?

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How to use Britain’s bothies

Across Scotland – and parts of England and Wales – there is a network of old buildings with incredible views and access to wild places that you can stay in, for free…

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Could you start your own country?

You'll find micronations – mini legally-unrecognised countries – all over the world. So what's stopping you from grabbing some land and making your very own nation? We meet some people who did just that

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Wildlife watching in October: the best animal encounters to have this month

The best places to find desert elephants, nesting turtles, and lots more on your travels this month

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12 mountains everybody should climb

Whether you're a first-time climber or searching for your next high-altitude challenge, don't overlook these 'classic' peaks...

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Wildlife watching in November: the best animal encounters to have this month

The best places to find polar bears, elephant seals, and lots more on your travels this month

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First 24 hours in Perth, Western Australia

Could this be Australia’s most liveable city? After heading down under Lyn Hughes reckons the sunny, buzzy, beautiful, booming, capital of the west might just be...

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Cuba: the new revolution?

Cuba is on the verge of monumental change – but what do the locals make of it? Stay in the island’s network of homestays to find out

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The birds of Tobago

You don't have to be a birdwatcher to fall for the bountiful birds of Tobago – or for their jungly, rugged and unspoilt Caribbean island home

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An alternative Inca Trail... in Bolivia

Venturing high into the Bolivian mountains, Wanderlust reader Daniel Davies-Llewellyn traces an ancient route through thick forest and remote villages

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Hiking up Mount Fuji

This is the most classic adventure you can have in Japan. Here's how best to climb this elusive peak and snaffle the most precious views

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Short break: Mont St-Michel, France

With its ugly causeway gone and restoration work finished, Normandy’s rock-top monastery has regained its medieval magic...

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Seychelles: Eden in the ocean

Paradise, simple as that: the 115 islands of the Seychelles are lush, turquoise-lapped, rich in culture, even richer in wildlife. And a trip there doesn’t have to cost the earth

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