Walking and trekking travel guide

Walking and trekking

Walking and trekking


Walking is more than just a way of getting exercise. It’s a means of slowing down, admiring the scenery, getting close to wildlife and meeting the locals. You can connect with the world in a way you can't in a car, reaching hidden spots that modern transportation could never take you to.

Whether you want a short stroll around a city or a heart-pumping trek through the wildest landscapes on earth, we've got you covered.

Read on for the Wanderlust guide to the world's best walks...AND download your FREE guide here.

At Wanderlust, we've always felt that a great walk not only exercises your body, but also opens your mind, letting you really experience a destination and take in its sights, whether meeting the locals or spying wildlife in the undergrowth as you amble past.

— Lyn Hughes, Wanderlust founder and editor-in-chief

Guide to the world's best walks...

Great walks by region...



It's hard to beat the thrill and satisfaction of tracking animals on foot

— Emma Gregg, Travel writer 

Top walks in the UK...

The Wye Valley, where Kate Humble lives (Dreamstime)

The Wye Valley, where Kate Humble lives (Dreamstime)

I do a lot of walking. I live in an area of the UK where, if you don’t walk, you’re basically wasting a landscape that is jaw-droppingly beautiful...

— Kate Humble, author and presenter

Guide to choosing the best walking gear...

Whether you're hiking in the high Himalayas or strolling beside a stream in the Peak district, one thing remains true: the walking gear you choose can make or break the experience. Read on for our round up of the best walking gear, guaranteeing comfort and durability no matter where your hike takes you...

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