Over 60s travel: The best trips for those with nothing but time

Whether you’ve retired or just have more time on your hands, travelling in your 60s allows you to travel further and go for longer. Get set for a big adventure…

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1. Explore the Galápagos in style

Land iguana on South Plaza Island (Shutterstock)

Land iguana on South Plaza Island (Shutterstock)

Explore the incredible Galápagos Islands in depth and in comfort on this 10-day adventure with Sunvil Traveller, eight days of which will be spent aboard the luxurious MV Galaven. 

The MV Galaven is a 27-metre expedition vessel that carries 20 passengers, accommodated in double/twin cabins, all with private bathrooms and air-conditioning. Each day you’ll enjoy two excursions to the various islands and wildlife hot spots in the archipelago.

You’ll be accompanied by a highly qualified naturalist, keen to explain the wonders you will encounter. And, back on board at the end of the day, spacious outdoor seating areas await where you can enjoy alfresco dining as the sun sets.

Trip: Galápagos Adventure

Who: Sunvil Traveller

When: Flexible departures throughout the year

How long: 10 nights

How much: From £5,375 (exc. flights)

2. Experience luxury in South Africa

The vintage dining car on Rovos Rail (Shutterstock)

The vintage dining car on Rovos Rail (Shutterstock)

Wind your way through South Africa’s legendary wine, wildlife and history on this luxury rail journey from Cape Town to Kruger with Audley.

After discovering Cape Town’s history and culture on a private walking tour, you'll spend a day wine tasting in the Cape Winelands and watching African penguins waddle up glorious sand beaches.

Then you’ll jump aboard the lavishly restored Rovos Rail train to Johannesburg. It’s a grand way to cross the continent of Africa, a step back to a time when the journey was just as enjoyable as the destination. It's also a chance to visit some of South Africa’s little visited corners.

A one-hour flight from Johannesburg will take you to Sabi Sand Wildtuin, a private reserve bordering Kruger National Park, where luxurious tented accommodation and Africa’s Big Five await.

Trip: Cape Town to Kruger: Luxury South African Rail Journey 

Who: Audley

When: Flexible departures throughout the year

How long: 13 days

How much: From £8,970 (inc. flights)

3. Immerse yourself in Brazil’s wild side

Jaguar in Brazil’s Pantanal (Shutterstock)

Jaguar in Brazil’s Pantanal (Shutterstock)

Indulge your passion for wildlife on this journey through the tropical forest and vast wetlands of Brazil with Journey Latin America. 

This nature-focused holiday concentrates on three places in Brazil where wildlife is most abundant and diverse. First up: Iguazú Falls, where you will step out of your hotel room to a symphony of birdsong and the thunderous roar of water.

Then you'll head to the Pantanal, where you’ll explore vast wetlands that are home to jaguars, tapirs, alligators, and flocks of thousands of roseate spoonbills and hyacinth macaws.

Finally, explore Amazonia, where you’ll spend a week sailing along the black waters of Rio Negro spotting macaws, sloths and anacondas.

Trip: Brazil Wildlife: Iguazú, Pantanal And Amazon

Who: Journey Latin America

When: Flexible departures throughout the year

How long: 15 days

How much: From £5,440 (exc. flights)

4. Walk the vast Canadian Rockies

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park (Shutterstock)

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park (Shutterstock)

Get ready to hike amongst some of the most dramatic and soul-stirring scenery in the world, on this moderate grade walking holiday in the Canadian Rockies with Ramblers.

Your holiday starts gently enough with a stroll around Vancouver and a walk along the famous Galloping Goose trail on Vancouver Island, including time for a bit of whalewatching. From here, the Rockies await, with a stop in Kamloops to walk amongst the alpine flowers.

Lastly, you'll trek to Jasper National Park and a walk into the Valley of the Five Lakes. Expects glaciers, cable cars and mountain scenery renowned the world over for its beauty.

Trip: Walking In The Canadian Rockies

Who: Ramblers Walking Holidays

When: Jul & Sep

How long: 15 days

How much: From £3,899 (exc. flights)

5. Ride the Trans Siberian like a Tsar

Tsar’s Gold running beside Lake Baikal (Shutterstock)

Tsar’s Gold running beside Lake Baikal (Shutterstock)

It’s the Trans Sib, but not as you know it – a 16-day rail journey with Cox & Kings Travel that follows the route of the Trans-Siberian Railway, but using luxuriously appointed railways cars instead.

The Tsar’s Gold is most splendid, taking you from the majesty of the Red Square in Moscow to the Chinese capital, Beijing, in unimaginable style.

You’ll travel through the remote Russian steppes to the heart of Siberia and onwards to Mongolia in total comfort. Upgrade to the Bolshoi & Bolshoi Platinum Class cabin for a truly regal experience.

Trip: Trans-Siberian Railway Aboard The Tsar’s Gold: Moscow To Beijing

Who: Cox & Kings Travel

When: Flexible departures throughout the year

How long: 16 days

How much: From £6,890 (exc. flights)

6. Learn new skills in traditional Japan

Preparing green tea in Japan (Shutterstock)

Preparing green tea in Japan (Shutterstock)

Immerse yourself in Japan’s rural heart – and learn a few new skills as well – on this 17-day journey through Tokyo, Hakone and the Japanese Alps with Wexas Travel. 

It’s a trip that will take the bright neon lights of Tokyo to the ancient towns and rural beauty of central Japan. You’ll stay in timber ryokan inns, complete with hot spring onsen and traditional meals, and explore lacquered shrines and forested national parks.

There’s much to learn. During the trip, you'll study wooden castles in alpine towns, samurai quarters in historic cities, learn to cook soba noodles, and how to conduct a tea ceremony.

Trip: Tokyo, Hakone And The Japanese Alps

Who: Wexas Travel

When: Flexible departures throughout the year

How long: 17 days

How much: From £5,510 (inc. flights)

7. Cruise the Antarctica Peninsula in luxury

Gentoo penguin colony in Antartica (Shutterstock)

Gentoo penguin colony in Antartica (Shutterstock)

A cruise to Antarctica has long topped your bucket list, and now you have the time to do it – on this 16-day luxury cruise to the Great White Continent with Audley.

It’s the perfect way to experience Antarctica’s unique wildlife and scenery. You’ll travel in luxury on board, with a high proportion of staff to passengers, but still enjoy expedition-style landings.

From towering icebergs and vast penguin colonies to onboard spa facilities, this Antarctic cruise has it all.

Trip: Luxury Antarctica Peninsula cruise

Who: Audley

When: Departures Oct to Mar

How long: 16 days

How much: £12,495 (inc. flights)

8. Enjoy a gentle introduction to Oman

An old Omani man steering a boat in Wadi Shab (Shutterstock)

An old Omani man steering a boat in Wadi Shab (Shutterstock)

Fulfil your dreams of an Arabian Nights adventure without the bone-shaking 4WD expeditions, on this decidedly gentle introduction to the timeless charms of Oman with Holiday Architects. 

Luckily, most of Oman can be seen from the comfort of a saloon car, including all of the capital, Muscat, the towns of the interior, and even the viewpoint over Oman’s 'Grand Canyon', Wadi Ghul.

On this trip, you only need go off-road to explore the Wahiba Sands, a smooth, gentle off-roading experience with rewards as vast as the desert lying before you.

Trip: Gentle Oman

Who: Holiday Architects

When: Flexible departures Oct to Apr

How long: Eight days

How much: £1,845 (inc. flights)

9. Discover the gardens of Madeira

Botanical Garden Monte, Funchal, Madeira (Shutterstock)

Botanical Garden Monte, Funchal, Madeira (Shutterstock)

Enjoy seven nights in the floral wonderland of Madeira on this delightful nature-focused holiday with Artisan Travel.

It’s a trip designed to take in the most colourful and interesting sights of Madeira. From its beautiful gardens and terraces to its winding walks and jagged mountains, you’ll explore by foot, boat and road to really experience the island's sheer beauty.

A trip to Madeira wouldn’t be complete without walking along a levada, the small irrigation channels that transport water from the mountains. You walk two, each revealing spectacular views of the mountains, ravines and luscious forests.

Trip: Madeira - Portugal’s Garden Island

Who: Artisan Travel

When: Departures May to Oct

How long: Seven nights

How much: From £1,245 (exc. flights)

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