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Journey Latin America is the UK’s Nº1 specialist in travel to Central and South America and has been creating award-winning holidays to every corner of the region for over 30 years. All our staff have lived, worked or travelled extensively throughout the area and have an unrivalled knowledge, and passion for sharing it. Browse over 140 ready-made private holidays and escorted small group journeys and book online. Or, if you prefer, our specialist consultants can tailor-make an itinerary according to your exact requirements, making recommendations based on personal experience. Whether it’s a luxury honeymoon on the beaches of Brazil, an activefamily adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica, or a journey through time to the beautifully preserved Inca ruins of Peru, our experts can help guide you through your holiday planning process.

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Our top 191 trips

Signature Mexico: Cultural Heartlands To Caribbean Coast

From: £2,403.63

This comprehensive tour incorporates Mexico's most fascinating historical places and archaeological sites, including indigenous Oaxaca and Chiapas; the Mayan jungle sites at Palenque and in the Yu...

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Family Brazil: Waterfalls, Rivers And Rainforests

From: £3,766.72

The focus here is a visit to the Amazon, where from a comfortable lodge you set out to view wildlife, huge vine-throttled trees and learn about tribal traditions. You stay in family friendly hotels...

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Active Mexico: Camping And Kayaking In Baja California

From: £2,006.90

A sea-kayaking holiday in sheltered Gulf of Cortés, Baja California, circumnavigating Espíritu Santo Island. Closely guided, it's a camping-based group trip for beginners and experienced paddlers ...

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Signature Brazil, Argentina And Chile: Coast To Coast

From: £4,861.12

This ambitious holiday from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean visits three of the continent's grandest cities:  Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago along with Iguazú Falls and a couple of the...

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Luxury Brazil: Rio, Iguazu Falls And Buzios

From: £4,378.37

Stay in the top-of-the-range first class Belmond properties to visit Brazil's top two highlights: Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazú Falls. Continue along the coast to the stylish little beach resort Bu...

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Signature Costa Rica: Wildlife And Volcanoes

From: £1,909.37

This is a short, low cost, value-for-money-plus holiday with good quality lodges. Includes the top wildlife-rich locations, from the mangroves on the Caribbean coast to mountainous cloud forest.

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Value Brazil: Salvador And Bahia

From: £1,431.10

This holiday focuses on exotic Bahía state in northeast Brazil, with its vibrant, African-inspired culture and cuisine. Explore the colonial port Salvador; then go trekking in the forested tablelan...

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Explore And Relax Costa Rica And Panama Coast: Pacific Route

From: £2,958.06

Spend time at an enchanting wildlife lodge in Costa Rica before moving on to Panama, full of delightful surprises and unspoilt landscapes. After these explorations, laze on a sunlit beach on Panama...

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Value Belize: Mayan Mountains And Caribbean Caye

From: £1,463.34

This short holiday takes you to the heart of Belize's Mayan mountains with their forests, waterfalls, wildlife spotting and snorkelling at a laidback reefside caye.

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Active Chile: Trek In Torres Del Paine

From: £4,111.30

Hike for a few days in Torres del Paine National Park, one of the best wilderness walking areas in Chile, and climb to the summit of Osorno, a snow-draped volcano dominating the lake district.

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Value Mexico: Highlights Of Mexico City And The Yucatán

From: £1,663.96

This holiday offers excellent value while introducing you to the country's rich history and varied landscapes. Explore Mexico City, the Mayan temples of the Yucatán including Chichén Itzá and rela...

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Parakeet: Cuba Beyond The Beach

From: £2,798.00

This group holiday travels overland across Cuba from tip to toe, in some places staying in family homes. Enjoy Havana, Trinidad and Santiago, the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, and Caribbean beac...

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Wildlife Peru And Galapagos

From: £4,974.94

A  wildlife-focused holiday including Tambopata Reserve in Peru's verdant Amazon and a cruise to observe the unique fauna of Ecuador's Galápagos Islands.

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Value Iguazu Falls: Buenos Aires To Rio

From: £1,326.23

This good value, economical private tour features three of the continent's top highlights: the cosmopolitan yet very Latin cities of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro bookending a visit to South Amer...

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Brazil Wildlife: Iguazu, Pantanal And Amazon

From: £5,634.76

A nature-focussed holiday in two contrasting region of wild Brazil: the wetlands of the Pantanal and the Rio Negro on Amazonia. Two distinct wildlife experiences; a land-based eco-lodge and a whole...

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Value Galapagos: Budget Cruising In The Enchanted Islands

From: £4,017.44

From the vibrant port Guayaquil, fly to the Galápagos for a cruise on a small, good value, popular and informal vessel.

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Signature: Best Of Costa Rica And Nicaragua

From: £2,736.53

We've picked the best natural highlights of two friendly neighbouring republics:  discover them on an adventurous holiday with river trips, lake ferries, volcano visits and an island stay. Wildlife...

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Peru Birdlife: Machu Picchu To Pristine Amazon

From: £2,254.47

Discover Peru's abundant birdlife on a journey from the Andes to Amazonia. Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, hummingbird-filled cloud forest close to Machu Picchu, and the richly biodiverse Ama...

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Albatross: Ecuador's Highlands And Galapagos

From: £5,780.00

This comfortable classic group journey takes you to Ecuador's contrasting landscapes, lifestyles and cultures. In addition, there's a week spent cruising the wildlife theatre of the Galápagos Islands.

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Signature Brazil: Brazil At A Glance

From: £3,201.91

The top highlights of Brazil: in Rio de Janeiro, Corcovado and Sugar Loaf mountains; fly to Iguazú Falls and then on to explore the Amazon rainforest. Continue to exotic, African-influenced Salv...

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Value Cuba: Cuba At A Glance

From: £1,235.00

This modestly priced holiday includes some overnights in homestays and plenty of free time to explore at leisure or organise your own excursions.

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Signature Paraguay: The Missions And The Chaco

From: £3,974.08

A comprehensive holiday in the last undiscovered country on the continent, wedged between Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina but with a unique and distinctive culture and landscape in its own right.

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Argentina Wildlife: Tropical Wetlands And Patagonia

From: £6,405.82

Spot alligators, giant storks, toucans, and, according to season, penguins and whales on this wildlife  holiday. The Iberá  wetlands and steppes of Patagonia are open for viewing while exotic bird...

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Rio Carnival Holiday

From: £2,947.92

At Rio de Janeiro's Carnival, the world's most colourful festival, you'll have sector 9 seats at the Samba School parade.  After five days of fun move on to chic beach resort Búzios to relax.

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Signature Antarctica: Highlights Of The Antarctic Peninsula

From: £8,549.38

The best Antarctic classic overview holiday  at a competitive price. Travel on a stable, high-quality purpose-built cruise ship among bergs and glaciers.

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Tocororo: Rum And Revolution

From: £2,577.00

This group holiday uses private transport and good quality hotels as well as homestays. Experience the Cuban revolution, the arts scene and restored colonial architecture.

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Value Argentina: Explore Patagonia

From: £2,145.02

An economical holiday with walking in the Patagonian  lake district, around Fitz Roy and Perito Moreno glacier, with a backdrop of volcanoes and jagged, icy mountains. You also have time to explo...

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Signature Ecuador And Galapagos: Volcanoes To The Ocean

From: £6,613.07

Top quality comprehensive holiday with the highlights of Ecuador and a cruise around the Galápagos Islands. Includes Quito, Otavalo market and the Avenue of Volcanoes; a spectacular train ride and ...

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Mexico Expedition Cruise: Baja California And The Sea Of Cortez

From: £5,208.31

The narrow Sea of Cortez separates Baja California from mainland Mexico and is dotted with desert islands. Your gently adventurous cruise seeks out the wildlife of this mesmeric wilderness.

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Active Guatemala: Trekking In Style

From: £1,893.25

An exhilarating trek through some of Guatemala's most exquisite volcanic scenery with comfortable glamping.

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Luxury Adventures In Costa Rica

From: £2,309.01

A short holiday in beautiful Costa Rica, with first class countryside eco-friendly lodges offering active adventures and spa relaxation.

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Discovering The Hidden Guianas

From: £5,216.92

An exhilarating exploration of the three Guianas, set between the Caribbean and the Amazon basin, a cultural medley and profusion of wildlife.

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Signature Chile: Atacama Desert To Patagonian Glaciers

From: £4,438.98

Chile's natural highlights, from the Atacama Desert in the north to the southern ice fields and glaciers of Patagonia. The holiday also visits Santiago and the volcanic lake district.

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Tico Tico: Culture Of The Northern Andes

From: £2,505.00

Northern Peru: bliss for history and archaeology enthusiasts. Discover the vestiges of fabulously wealthy pre-Inca civilisations. Includes the pre-Inca adobe city at Chan Chan, colonial Cajamarca ...

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Sandpiper: Atlantic To Pacific In Style

From: £5,668.00

This luxurious 3-country escorted group tour to the wilderness of Patagonia and the continent's most exciting cities is one of our crème de la crème holidays. From Rio, pausing en route at the colo...

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Signature Panama: Canal, Wildlife And Beach

From: £2,072.26

A short holiday brimming with variety, from a trip on the Panama Canal to water rafting in volcanic highlands and strolling through  luscious rainforest.

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Self-Drive Costa Rica: Coast To Coast Adventures

From: £2,408.81

Costa Rica, with a comprehensive road network is ideal for independent exploration by self-drive 4WD car hire. This action-packed holiday visits off-the-beaten-track national parks with a backdrop ...

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Paloma: Andean Ecuador And Land Based Galapagos

From: £3,260.00

Two contrasting regions in one trip: Andean Ecuador, dotted with snow-capped volcanoes, colonial cities and traditional cultures. And a land based stay in the Galápagos: different islands, adventur...

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Swift: Ultimate Highlights Of Peru

From: £2,355.00

This comfortable group holiday whizzes you through Peru's must-see highlights. Visit Lima on the Pacific coast, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley in the Andes. Superb landscapes and a mélan...

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Falklands Cruise: Wildlife Outposts Of The South Atlantic

From: £7,010.73

A South Atlantic cruise enables you to spend a whole week exploring the Falkland Islands, its prolific wildlife, wilderness scenery and nostalgic British culture.

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Luxury Mexico: Yucatan In Style

From: £4,161.21

This luxurious and very good value holiday visits Mexico's historic highlights and Caribbean beaches from sumptuous, unique and original accommodation, where we have negotiated extremely competiti...

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Antarctica Wildlife: Falklands, South Georgia And The Antarctic Peninsula

From: £13,424.93

This comprehensive journey combines a cruise to Antarctica with the wildlife and culturally rich Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

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Signature Nicaragua: Fire, Water And Revolution

From: £2,185.67

A medley of Spanish colonial cities, visible wildlife, volcanoes and the continent's largest freshwater lake. Travel down jungle-fringed Rio San Juan, visit tranquil Ometepe Island and learn about...

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Luxury Nicaragua And Costa Rica

From: £5,067.88

This luxurious, slow-paced and romantic holiday also offers more active or adventurous  options. Visit tropical jungle, a spruced-up colonial city and gorgeous beach properties in two welcoming re...

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Signature Peru: The Inca Heartland

From: £1,237.23

This short, great value holiday includes Cusco, high in the Andes; the Sacred Valley of the Incas with towering ruined temples; and jungle-clad Machu Picchu.  An excellent choice if you're short of...

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Treasures Of Peru: The Archaeological Riches Of The North

From: £4,188.05

For lovers of history and bygone cultures. Includes the Chimú civilisation's adobe city Chan Chan, Kuelap, hilltop fortress of the Chachapoya people, and the tomb of the Lord of Sipán. Fascinatin...

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Discover Mexico: Oaxaca's Culture And Coastline

From: £2,779.94

The selection of Mexico's most fascinating historical places and archaeological sites includes culturally rich Oaxaca, combined with a Pacific beach wind down.

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Jacana: Crossing The Continent

From: £3,423.00

A panoramic group tour from the Andes through the South American heartland to the  Atlantic Ocean in Brazil . Includes the Inca heritage of Peru, the icy peaks and plains of Bolivia,  remote Parag...

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Luxury Chile: Exclusive Lodges And Untamed Landscapes

From: £11,438.72

Explore Chile's wild landscapes from this magnificent country's top-of-the-range properties with a choice of exciting outdoor activities.

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Cotinga: Off The Beaten Track Nicaragua

From: £2,868.00

Nicaragua,  a country of landscape variety and cultural richness is one of the few remaining Latin American adventure destinations. This group holiday travels to hard-to-reach places where you'll...

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Empires Of Peru: Kuelap And Machu Picchu

From: £2,798.58

A good value holiday which delivers a varied flavour of Peru's multi-layered history of sophisticated pre-Conquest indigenous empires in their magnificent natural settings.

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Hummingbird: Ocean To Ocean

From: £4,877.00

A comprehensive escorted tour of highlights; real comfort in accommodation and travel and a discovery of a range of cultural and natural landscapes over 4 countries in  3 weeks. Top sights include...

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Undiscovered Nicaragua And El Salvador

From: £4,071.92

Nicaragua and El Salvador are off the beaten track, with fairly rudimentary infrastructure but as such they offer a rewarding experience akin to what travellers enjoyed in other parts of the co...

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Self-Drive Southern Brazil And Buenos Aires

From: £3,051.22

With excellent well-serviced roads and a peaceful ambiance, Santa Catarina's rugged hills and lovely beaches are perfect for exploring by hire car. This self-drive holiday includes visits to Rio d...

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Discover Bolivia And Northwest Argentina

From: £3,658.07

The  Argentine Andes  and the barren Altiplano of southern Bolivia make up on of the most remote and traditional regions of Latin America. Explore the colonial cities and indigenous villages in wi...

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Tangara: Blue Lakes And Emerald Coasts

From: £3,065.00

A group tour from Santiago to the volcanic lake district on the Chile/Argentina border. The route continues to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, with Iguazú Falls and the tropical beaches of Brazil'...

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Off The Beaten Track Argentina: Remote Puna Adventure

From: £3,694.39

A truly extraordinary and adventurous guided expedition to explore virtually uninhabited and exquisite high altitude Andean Atacama desert in Argentina.

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Family Mexico: A Self-Drive Adventure

From: £2,026.69

Take your family in your self-drive hire car across the Yucatán peninsula, visiting Caribbean beaches and ruined Mayan pyramids shrouded in jungle on a fun-packed family holiday, with direct flig...

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Signature Guatemala: Mountains, Markets And Mayan Ruins

From: £2,282.26

On this fast-moving holiday you get a taste of Guatemala's volcanoes, remote highlands, pristine lakes, pre-Hispanic ruined temples and a vibrant traditional culture.

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Signature Galapagos: Island Hopping

From: £4,713.23

From Andean capital Quito split your time in the Galápagos between stylish Finch Bay Hotel and unique Scalesia Lodge tented camp, with a choice of activities by land and sea.

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A Taste Of Peru

From: £3,431.98

This gastronomic holiday allows you to savour and get acquainted with Peruvian cuisine, as well as sample some of the local beverages such as pisco, the celebrated brandy liquor, and local wines. W...

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Off The Beaten Track Ecuador: From The Andes To The Amazon

From: £2,546.56

This adventurous holiday visits colonial Quito, the thermal springs at Papallacta, the Amazon jungle and the Otavalo region in the Andes.

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Explore And Relax Argentina To Brazil: Estancias And Beaches

From: £5,498.75

A luxurious break in a trio of the continent's most sumptuous properties, also offering activities and excursions.  Iconic Alvear Palace in Buenos Aires, elegant Estancia La Bamba  in the Argentin...

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Signature Cuba: The Best Of The Highlights

From: £2,475.84

This comprehensive  highlights tour goes a step further than most.  Visit Havana, the Viñales valley, forested Las Terrazas and the best historic cities: Cienfuegos, Santa Clara and Trinidad. Win...

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Galapagos Hawk: Peru And Galapagos

From: £5,398.00

This escorted group tour takes you to the Lost City of the Incas Machu Picchu and to Lake Titicaca in Peru before flying to the Galápagos Islands  to swim with sea lions and cruise with expert gui...

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Ecuador By Train And Galapagos Cruise

From: £6,654.08

Travel from the snow-capped Andean highlands to the tropical coast by rail, stopping along the way to enjoy cultural treats and countryside lodgings. Then fly to the Galápagos Islands for a 6 day c...

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Off The Beaten Track Brazil: Dunes And Lagoons Of Lencois Maranhenses

From: £2,247.56

Head to the far north of Brazil to discover historic Olinda, the remote sand dunes and lagoons in Lencois Maranhenses National Park and the historic port of São Luis.

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Charito: Pure Patagonia

From: £2,865.00

An outdoor adventure with guided walking and wildlife spotting in Patagonia (Chile and Argentina), bookended by two cosmopolitan capitals, Santiago and Buenos Aires. Includes Chiloé Island, Torres ...

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Family Peru: Machu Picchu And Amazon Adventures

From: £3,573.08

Thrill the family with snow-capped landscapes, ruined temples, colonial cities and exotic wildlife. Travel with the condors to deep Colca Canyon,  step onto floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca ...

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Self-Drive Chile: Lake District And Torres Del Paine

From: £3,357.50

Drive your own hire car along scenic roads with well located pre-booked hotels in separate adventures in the volcano-studded lake district and among the glaciers of Torres del Paine in southern P...

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Highlights Of The Mayan World

From: £2,761.90

A whirlwind tour of Central America's Mayan world takes you to the top sights in Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico.

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Lapwing: Patagonian Odyssey

From: £4,038.00

This group holiday to Patagonia in Chile and Argentina features superior accommodation in one of the continent's most remote regions. Travel to Torres del Paine National Park; enter Argentina to vi...

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Value Costa Rica: The Essential Highlights

From: £1,595.74

An economical holiday including the top experiences: boating through tropical mangroves on the Caribbean, exploring volcanic landscapes and lodging in mountain cloud-forest before lazing on a Paci...

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Signature Peru And Chile: Machu Picchu And Atacama

From: £4,954.56

A highlights holiday where the emphasis is on guided activities which take you deeper than most into the varied landscapes and cultures of the Andes, staying at first class, adventure-focused explo...

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Luxury Mexico: Self-Drive Yucatan Haciendas And Caribbean Coast

From: £2,353.12

The Yucatán Peninsula shelters a plethora of Mayan temples while colonial Spain left a heritage of baroque towns and wealthy estates. Explore at leisure in your self-drive car, staying at conver...

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Active Peru: Cycling, Rafting And The Inca Trail

From: £3,140.31

Trekking, biking and river rafting deep in rural Peru.  Includes trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, cycling in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and white-water rafting in Andean canyons descend...

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Active Chile: Hiking, Cycling And Kayaking In The Lake District And Patagonia

From: £3,411.65

Explore Chile's volcanic and glaciated wilderness landscapes on foot, by bike, or on the water. Chile hosts some of the most dramatic scenery in the world and has a good infrastructure for outdoor ...

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Picaflor: Ecuador On Track

From: £3,031.00

This unique escorted group trip was set up to celebrate the reopening of Ecuador's railway network. From the capital Quito and the cloudforest of Mindo continue by road and rail to finish in the ...

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Luxury Guatemala And Belize: Tikal And The Caribbean

From: £2,551.79

Visit Guatemala and Belize's top destinations while staying at three unique properties inspired by their owner Francis Ford Coppola.

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Mexico's Copper Canyon Railway And Baja Coast

From: £2,529.50

Combine the famous train ride along the rim and through the gorges of  desert Mexico's Copper Canyon with the beaches of Baja California.

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Luxury Chile: Patagonia, Chiloe And Maipo Valley Vineyards

From: £6,871.56

Discover the wild scenery of Chile's Patagonia from rural top-of-the-range lodges offering a palette of tailor-made outdoor excursions.

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Antarctica: Ross Sea And The Far Side

From: £27,864.53

A singular, off-the-grid epic Antarctic voyage between Argentina and New Zealand aiming to reach t he Ross Ice Shelf,  Scott and Shackleton's huts and sail in the shadow of Mount Erebus.

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Signature Guatemala And Belize: Culture And Caribbean

From: £3,153.25

This highlights tour to Guatemala and Belize can't be beaten for variety.  Combine arty Antigua, Lake Atitlán and the jungle-clad Mayan ruins of Tikal  with the tropical forest and coral island A...

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Patagonia Cruise: Tierra Del Fuego And Cape Horn

From: £4,343.81

A 5 day expedition cruise through the channels and fjords of southern Patagonia including Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn is followed by a stay on the wildlife-filled plains close to the Atlantic sh...

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Luxury Belize: Nature, Wildlife And Caribbean Cayes

From: £3,391.48

Visit this resurgent eco-tourism destination on a luxury holiday staying in sumptuous surroundings. Experience Mayan ruins, abundant wildlife, river-canoeing expeditions,  hikes in bird-filled fore...

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Tropicbird: Highlights Of Central America

From: £3,838.00

Starting in Nicaragua this escorted group tour visits the colonial cities of Granada, León, Suchitoto and Antigua, before continuing to the Mayan ruins of Tikal and onto the jungles of Belize.

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Ecuador's Andes And Galapagos Islands Hop

From: £3,093.25

A good value, economical holiday with small-scale, friendly accommodation. Includes Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano, the scenic railway to the Pacific coast and a land-based Galápagos Island adventure w...

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Signature Northern Chile And Argentina: Atacama Desert To Iguazu Falls

From: £4,062.48

Cross a high pass over the Chilean Andes from the Atacama desert to the golden russet canyon country and indigenous villages around Salta in northwest Argentina. Fly to the Iguazú Falls, before hea...

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Signature Andes: Highlands Of Peru, Bolivia And Chile

From: £4,266.33

Three Andean countries in one. Visit Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca in Peru. Travel on to Bolivia's exotic capital La Paz with dozens of markets. Continue south for an adventure on the Uyuni salt...

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Self-Drive Mexico: Discover Baja California And The Sea Of Cortez

From: £1,867.77

Explore the raw desert scenery of Baja Peninsula, its palm-sheltered oases, small colonial mission towns and secret white-sand beaches with the freedom guaranteed by a self-drive hire car.

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Guyana Wildlife: South America's Wild Frontier

From: £4,329.48

This holiday visits virgin rainforest, savannah and ancient tablelands over which spill the stunning Kaieteur Falls. The undisturbed landscapes are populated by a proliferation of wildlife: birdwat...

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Explore And Relax In Costa Rica: Volcanoes To The Beach

From: £3,279.18

Stay in gorgeous countryside properties and eco-lodges to explore  volcanic landscapes,  bird-filled cloudforest before  lazing at a top Pacific beach resort.

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Wildlife Brazil: Jaguars Of The Pantanal

From: £4,994.25

On this holiday to two of Brazil's most wildlife-rich destinations, the Pantanal wetlands and the Iguazú Falls, the highlight is the very real possibility of spotting a shy jaguar in the wild.

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Family Patagonia: Glacial Lakes And Mountains

From: £6,614.90

An adventurous family holiday exploring wilderness Torres del Paine National Park and Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia; and the moon-like Atacama Desert. Visit the dynamic capital cities Santia...

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Explore And Relax Peru And Brazil: Machu Picchu To Rio

From: £3,568.63

Explore Peru's highlights with a wind-down at a top Brazil beach resort. Visit the Andean Inca capital Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and jungle-clad Machu Picchu. Fly over to Rio de Jane...

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Chachalaca: Colombia’S Colonial And Coffee Culture

From: £3,475.00

Explore cosmopolitan Bogotá, colonial masterpiece Villas de Leyva, the peaceful Andean scenery of the coffee region, resurgent city Medellin and historic Cartagena on the Caribbean coast.

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Active Patagonia: Classic Treks In Argentina And Chile

From: £3,885.59

Low-altitude trekking through Patagonia's glaciated landscapes in T orres del Paine National Park (Chile) and  the Fitz Roy massif in Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina) to discover the pinnacl...

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Expedition Cruise: Panama, The Canal And Costa Rica

From: £7,654.23

A good value expedition cruise on a small and friendly vessel exploring the wildlife-rich wilderness coast of Panama and Costa Rica.

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Self-Drive Colombia: Exploring The Coffee Region And Beyond

From: £2,569.94

Take to the road in Colombia on this supported self-drive holiday, driving through the gorgeous landscapes of the coffee cultivation country.

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Active Ecuador: Andean Hikes And Cotopaxi Volcano

From: £3,347.13

High-altitude Andean hikes suitable for keen walkers. Views of both wilderness and farmsteads and traditional settlements are stunning throughout. Arrive at a welcoming country lodge at the end of ...

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Signature Peru: Classic Highlights Of Peru

From: £3,655.76

Peru's classic highlights including Machu Picchu and the Spanish colonial treasure-house of Cusco, the Incas' imperial capital. Climb past ranges of Andean volcanoes to the condor-flecked lip of...

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Family Costa Rica: Jungle Walks And Turtle Spotting

From: £3,075.33

An action-packed family trip visiting well-organised national parks. Explore on foot, by kayak or zip-line, with hissing volcanoes and steaming jungle, while Pacific beaches are enlivened by mo...

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Signature Colombia: Culture And Coffee

From: £2,424.00

Discover Colombia,  famous for coffee and gold, but also with friendly people, superb Andean scenery, white sand Caribbean beaches, an abundance of flora and wildlife and atmospheric, historic towns.

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Off The Beaten Track Colombia: San Agustin And The Amazon

From: £3,073.82

An innovative holiday to southern Colombia with the mysterious pre-Columbian statues of San Agustin, the painted burial chambers at Tierradentro, colonial city Popáyan and the remote communities of...

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The Art Of Mexico

From: £1,955.58

Visit the museums and art galleries of two of Mexico's most celebrated cultural centres, the capital Mexico City and colonial mountain town San Miguel de Allende.

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Eagle: Aztecs, Mayas And Conquistadores

From: £2,698.00

Mexico is one of Latin America's most vibrant and entertaining destinations, with a huge diversity of cultural and natural attractions. Get a flavour of it on this top quality escorted group tour.

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Signature El Salvador: Revolutionary Road Trip

From: £1,988.78

A unique opportunity to explore a rising star in Central America with forest-clad hills, volcanoes, quiet colonial towns,  world-famous Pacific surf and exceptionally friendly people.

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Self-Drive Cuba: Best Of The West

From: £1,955.96

Travel around Cuba by self-drive hire car. Your accommodation is pre-booked. From Havana, drive through limestone landscapes in the Viñales valley and forested Las Terrazas. Move on to historic C...

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Along The Humboldt Current Expedition Cruise - 7 Nov 2019

From: £7,150.33

This luxury expedition cruise on Silversea's exclusive Silver Explorer visits the highlights of South America's Pacific seaboard and its hinterland in Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

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Costa Rica Wildlife Discovery

From: £3,932.01

Costa Rica is well known for the proliferation of its wildlife. Spot exotic quetzals, tiny tree-frogs and three species of monkey in locations chosen for their wildlife viewing potential.

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Signature Uruguay: Land Of Vintage Charm

From: £4,500.15

Uruguay is a friendly little republic wedged between two giants, Brazil and Argentina. Mostly rural with ubiquitous cattle pasture, it's a bit bigger than England with a population of just 3.5 mill...

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Active Peru And Bolivia: Trekking Andean Peaks To Tropical Rainforest

From: £2,922.39

This trekking holiday combines two popular trails, the Salkantay, an Inca path fringed by huge snow-capped peaks in Peru which ends close to Machu Picchu, and the Bolivian Choro, from the chilly m...

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Mexican Street Food

From: £1,684.63

Discover the complexity of flavours and exotic recipes of Mexican street cuisine, from markets to the end product on street stalls on Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca and get to know three of Mexico'...

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Panama Canal: A Journey Between The Seas

From: £4,922.92

Discover Panama and travel through the Panama Canal with an expedition cruise on a small, exclusive motor cruiser, MV Discovery.

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Value Patagonia: Journey To The Glaciers

From: £3,571.07

Explore Patagonia's far-flung wilderness at an accessible price. Contrast the energy of two of Latin America's greatest capitals with the dominance of nature among glaciers, lakes and mountains a...

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Self-Drive Patagonia: The Open Road To Torres Del Paine

From: £5,892.45

An adventurous self-drive holiday with three separate hire car trips to Chilean and Argentine Patagonia's volcanoes, turquoise lakes, glaciers and skeletal peaks. Pre-booked accommodation.

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Self-Drive Mexico: Discover The Yucatan Peninsula

From: £1,509.88

The Yucatán peninsula has a decent road network suiting independent drivers who want flexibility to explore the multitude of Mayan ruins and colonial towns. Car and hotels are pre-booked.

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Self-Drive Chile: Off The Beaten Track

From: £3,769.34

With the freedom of a hire car, explore regions which, although of outstanding natural beauty, are little visited wildernesses. Discover Chiloé Island, the lake district and, travelling the remote...

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Value Galapagos And Peru

From: £4,372.50

A well priced holiday where you visit two of Latin America's top highlights: the wildlife rich Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador and Machu Picchu and Cusco, Peru's biggest stars.

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Andes And Altiplano: Cusco, Lake Titicaca And La Paz

From: £2,716.12

Visit the highlights of southern Peru, including Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. Over the border to the high altitude Bolivian capital, La Paz, one of the most colourful on the continent with livel...

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Luxury Rio, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires And The Pampas

From: £4,906.90

A mix of urban elegance and magnificent natural landscapes:  includes first class accommodation in Brazil and Argentina's top two cities, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires; Iguazú Falls, and a top-o...

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Luxury Argentina: Vineyards, Glaciers And Gauchos

From: £7,890.41

Stay on an elegant estancia in the pampas and at the finest hotels and lodges in vineyard country, amid the glaciers of Patagonia and in Buenos Aires. Gourmet food and drink throughout.

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Penguin: Extremes Of Chile

From: £4,616.00

This comprehensive holiday shows off the variety of landscapes from the Atacama desert to Patagonia, via sunny vineyards and the volcano-dotted lake district. Private travel and top quality hotels ...

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Peru: Drive Across The Andes

From: £4,592.11

Explore Peru at the wheel of your own 4x4 car on this pre-designed adventure holiday which takes you off the beaten track through untamed territory. Combine independence and flexibility knowing th...

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Self-Drive Uruguay: Classic Highlights

From: £2,769.05

Self-drive in friendly Uruguay, a peaceful little country wedged between Brazil and Argentina. The well-paved, empty roads are a pleasure to drive and you stop off along its unspoilt coast and inl...

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Luxury Galapagos Islands Cruise

From: £7,843.76

A sumptuous cruise around Ecuador's Galápagos on board the elegant yacht Grace, the most romantic luxury vessel sailing in the islands (a wedding gift to Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco...

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Signature Mexico: Day Of The Dead

From: £2,544.18

Watch and take part in Mexico's biggest annual cultural event, the Day of the Dead celebrations

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Signature Venezuela: Highlights Of The Lost World

From: £3,500.00

Visit Venezuela, with unspoilt landscapes and a welcoming population. See the Angel Falls, the wildlife of the llanos plains and jungle wetlands of the Orinoco delta, and the spiky ice-capped Andea...

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Value Brazil: The Emerald Coast

From: £1,206.28

A relaxing journey to Rio and its verdant coastline. Travel past the rain-forested hills of the emerald coast to the bay-side colonial port of Paraty. Take a schooner trip then stay on laid back...

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Value Ecuador And Galapagos: At A Glance

From: £2,125.39

This is a great value, short but variety-packed holiday suitable for families and individuals alike.  Discover the Avenue of the Volcanoes in Andean Ecuador and explore Santa Cruz Island and furthe...

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Trogon: Natural Brazil

From: £2,873.00

This varied escorted group journey begins in the exotic bay-side city of Rio de Janeiro and continues to the quaint colonial port Paraty, before moving to the wildlife-brimming swamps and pastures ...

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Signature Argentina: Patagonia, Lake District And Iguazú Falls

From: £2,780.95

Argentina's Big Four: Buenos Aires, the  glaciers of the far south in Patagonia, the lake district around Bariloche and Iguazú Falls on the Brazilian border.

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Guatemala And Honduras Uncovered

From: £3,421.20

Off the beaten track in Guatemala and Honduras to explore Mayan ruins in intact jungle settings.   Finish at the pearl white beaches of Roatán Island, maybe with a bit of snorkelling or scuba diving.

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Luxury Cuba: Colonial Classics And Coast

From: £2,259.85

Stay at top quality accommodation to discover  Old Havana, colonial Trinidad, and relax on the Caribbean beaches of Cayo Santa María island at the country's premier resort hotel.

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Family Cuba: Salsa, Beach And Vintage Cars

From: £3,258.03

A superb family destination: distances are short on traffic-free roads, the people are friendly and there are many outdoor and cultural activities and lovely beaches.

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Active Cuba: Bike, Hike, Kayak

From: £1,844.45

A leisurely outdoor holiday in Cuba: cycle round Havana, hike in the Escambray mountains and around Las Terrazas, kayak to a colonial fort and bike through exquisite Vinales valley.

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Value Mexico: Mayan Yucatan And Coast

From: £1,013.19

This short break delivers the two big attractions of the Yucatán Peninsula in a nutshell: the impossibly grand, Mayan city Chichén Itzá  and the white-sand Caribbean beaches of the Mayan Riviera.

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Condor: Peru In Depth

From: £3,265.00

This escorted tour of Peru is full of variety: desert volcanoes, the terraced hillsides of Colca Canyon, snowy Andean mountains. Visit Spanish colonial towns and Machu Picchu. Plunge into the Amazo...

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Expedition Cruise: Costa Rica, Panama And The Canal

From: £6,989.03

A activity-focussed expedition cruise on a small and friendly vessel explores the wildlife-rich wilderness coast of Costa Rica and Panama and transits the Canal..

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Active Peru: The Santa Cruz Trek

From: £1,152.36

This is a beautiful trek for experienced walkers among the spiky, ice-tipped Andean peaks and turquoise glacial lakes of the Cordillera Blanca in northern Peru. A very different landscape from the ...

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Undiscovered Colombia, Providencia And Panama City

From: £4,331.82

Visit Andean Colombia's preserved colonial cities  Cartagena and Bogotá but go deeper, to discover the pre-Columbian San Agustín, the coffee country and quirky Caribbean Island Providencia, ending...

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Pelicano: Essential Peru

From: £3,386.00

Visit Peru's top highlights on this classic escorted group tour. Features Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu. You travel in comfort throughout, through mountainous landscapes of n...

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Explore And Relax Mexico: Colonial Cities To Pacific Coast

From: £3,214.36

Mexico, with its huge landscapes, offers a great road trip, travelling in a car with personal driver round the highland colonial cities and on to the Pacific coast.

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Self-Drive Argentina: Highlights Of The Hidden Northwest

From: £2,108.42

Drive from Salta through wild canyons, Spanish colonial towns and vineyards in the Andean northwest, with Buenos Aires and the Iguazú Falls..

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Self-Drive Argentina: Patagonia, Lake District And Perito Moreno

From: £3,009.06

This self-drive holiday takes you to the Argentine lake district and the wilderness landscape of snow-tipped mountains and glaciers in the far south. Explore at your own pace in a hire-car with al...

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Active Brazil: Remote Bahia And Fernando De Noronha

From: £3,283.02

The unspoilt archipelago Fernando de Noronha, off the northeast coast or Brazil offers walks, snorkelling and diving. On the mainland the tableland country of Chapada Diamantina is criss-crossed wi...

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Signature Bolivia: The Final Frontier

From: £3,872.49

Bolivia is one of the world's last true adventure destinations. Travel beyond Lake Titicaca and La Paz on a journey of unpredictability including Che Guevara's trail and the salt flats of Uyuni.

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Gaucho: Vintage Argentina

From: £2,874.00

This group journey focuses on gorgeous natural landscapes, with world renowned wine and top cuisine. Visit Mendoza, capital of Argentina's wine region; colonial Salta surrounded by blood red canyo...

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Family Guatemala And Belize: Ancient Temples And Caribbean Isles

From: £2,541.49

This action-packed family holiday has something to satisfy each one of you. There's absolutely no time to get bored, with a mix of Spanish colonial, indigenous indian and British Caribbean cultur...

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Coq Of The Rock: Trailblazing The Guianas

From: £3,882.00

This trail-blazing holiday follows a unique itinerary through the three Guianas. The remoteness and the nature of the wilderness terrain makes it a route difficult to negotiate independently, so tr...

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Alcion: Central America Discovery

From: £2,938.00

Highlights of this three week overland escorted tour in Central America include the Mayan ruins of Copán, the Panama Canal, the archipelago of Bocas del Toro and Ometepe Island, as well as the colo...

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Family Brazil: Rio, Iguazu Falls And Bahia

From: £3,754.64

A truly adventurous family holiday in Brazil to widen the horizons with exhilarating experiences.

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Andean Flamingo: Andes Laid Bare

From: £4,633.00

A group tour to Peru, Bolivia and Chile which provides comfort as well as remote adventure. Includes Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. Continue to La Paz in Bolivia and drive across the dazz...

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Nandu: Peaks And Plains Of Patagonia

From: £4,042.00

A comprehensive and varied group tour including the Patagonian Andes of Chile and Argentina, with walking and wildlife spotting. Includes the volcano-dotted lake district, Torres del Paine, Perito ...

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Value Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala And Belize

From: £3,528.28

Three contrasting countries. Combine the volcanoes and cloud forests of Costa Rica; colonial Antigua, Lake Atitlán and Tikal's jungle-clad Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Belize's tropical forest and...

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Active Argentina: Walking In Patagonia

From: £3,068.39

Two classic moderate hikes, the M Trek with the backdrop of Mount Fitz Roy in Argentine Patagonia and a trek at the end of the world in the uninhabited virgin territory of Tierra del Fuego.

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Peru By Rail

From: £6,142.01

This first class rail service, where you sleep on board in luxury cabins, is complemented by some of the country's best hotels. Travel through the landscapes of Peru among the snow-draped Andean ...

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Signature Argentina And Brazil: Amazon, Pantanal And Iguazú Falls

From: £4,542.60

Here the accent is on the vast wilderness territories of the Brazilian Pantanal wetlands and Amazonia. Also included are the immense Iguazú Falls, which straddle the two countries, and the captivat...

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Luxury Chile And Argentina: Simply Patagonia

From: £7,864.56

Stay at luxury accommodation at stunning locations in three Patagonian regions of beautiful, savagely glaciated mountain countryside: Torres del Paine National Park, the Los Glaciares National Par...

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Signature Galapagos

From: £5,179.52

From colonial Quito, fly on to enjoy a week's cruise to Ecuador's Galápagos Islands. You'll explore from a small, eco-friendly and good value upper-mid-range motor cruiser with proven excellent gui...

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Our Ultimate Journey To Latin America

From: £21,200.00

A forty day holiday to celebrate the forty years of Journey Latin America, devised by one of our most senior sales consultants. Featuring the top highlights, hidden corners, and experiences  concei...

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Weaverbird: Spirit Of Colombia

From: £2,535.00

On this adventurous group journey you'll discover the mysterious archaeological park at San Agustin, enjoy a farm stay in Colombia's bucolic coffee country, lie back on Caribbean beaches at Tayrona...

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Signature Ecuador: Volcanoes To The Ocean

From: £2,916.49

The top highlights of Ecuador on an adventurous family-friendly holiday  Fly  to Quito; visit the craft market at Otavalo, and travel by road and rail along the Avenue of the Volcanoes to Cuenca a...

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Easter In Guatemala: Semana Santa

From: £1,878.02

This short holiday in Guatemala, a deeply traditional Mayan country with a stupendous variety of landscapes, is based around the epic Easter celebrations in Antigua. Also visit indian markets and t...

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Active Belize: Jungle And Reef Adventure

From: £2,910.63

This exhilarating action-packed holiday in Belize offers no-holds-barred un-activities  for seekers of soft adventure and more challenging experiences alike - along with time to lie back and relax.

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Chile And The Falklands Wildlife Holiday

From: £7,012.00

Visit the Falklands Islands in the South Atlantic and the peaks and glaciers of Chilean Patagonia. The landscapes are wild, sculpted by ferocious winds and relentless glaciers, populated by hardy...

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Luxury Peru And Galapagos: Machu Picchu And The Enchanted Islands

From: £8,771.63

A relaxed, deluxe holiday with elegant hotels, discovering Peru's top sights Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu in comfort; plus colonial Quito and a first class Galápagos cruise on Ocean Spray.

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Walking In Ecuador And Galapagos

From: £4,225.87

This scenic outdoor holiday offers an in depth experience of Ecuador's traditional Andean culture and a land-based exploration of a select few of the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands.

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Pato Andino: Panorama Of The Andes

From: £3,831.00

This adventurous Andean group journey crosses traverses South America's wilderness landscapes from Argentina through Chile and Bolivia to Peru. Explore the Atacama Desert, travel across the Uyuni...

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Signature Patagonia: Highlights Of Patagonia

From: £5,469.18

This holiday plunges into the heart of Patagonia, from the secretive isle of Chiloe and a trans-Andean lakes crossing to the southerly Perito Moreno Glacier and Torres del Paine National Park. It'...

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Signature Costa Rica: The Natural Highlights

From: £3,512.78

A variety-packed  holiday including the vibrant Pacific-side Osa Peninsula. More wildlife in the mangroves on the Caribbean coast and interior cloudforested mountains while the volcanic landscapes...

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Self-Drive Ecuador: The Back Roads Of The Andes

From: £2,663.06

An exhilarating self-drive adventure exploring the cloud forest of Ecuador's Andean foothills on the fringe of the Amazon basin.

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Signature Peru And Brazil: Machu Picchu, Rio And Iguazu Falls

From: £3,925.22

Peru's highlights and two of Brazil's top destinations, staying in first class accommodation.  Visit the Andean Inca capital Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas  and jungle-clad Machu Picchu. Fl...

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Self-Drive Cuba: Explore The East

From: £1,827.76

Relish the flexibility and decide how quickly you travel in a  self-drive hire car, visiting  less-visited but historically significant eastern side of Cuba.  Hotels and some city tours are pre-boo...

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Peru: Beyond The Sacred Valley With The Lares Adventure

From: £3,120.35

Travel to recently-opened up traditional areas of Andean Peru close to the highlights Machu Picchu and Cusco. Guided lodge-based trips to remote rural communities and little trodden mountain landsc...

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Signature Southern Chile, Argentina And Brazil: Natural Wonders Of Patagonia And The Iguazu Falls

From: £5,304.53

This wide-ranging holiday visits the highlights of Chile, Argentina and Brazil. From the vineyards in Santiago to the mountains of Torres del Paine National Park continue to Patagonia's Perito More...

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Kinkajou: Best Of Guatemala And Belize

From: £2,656.00

This small group escorted tour visits two countries with contrasting cultures and landscapes: Spanish and Mayan Guatemala, with volcanoes and traditional villages and British Caribbean influenced ...

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Food And Wine: Vineyards Of Argentina And Chile

From: £4,278.17

Many of the wineries and countryside estates in Chile and Argentina offer innovative and high quality accommodation with imaginative cuisine and wines created in situ . Stay at working wine lodges ...

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Journey To The Solar Eclipse In Patagonia December 2020

From: £4,990.00

A one-off holiday to Chilean Patagonia to experience a total eclipse of the sun, explore the volcanoes of lake district and the ice-sculpted mountains and glaciers of Torres del Paine National Park.

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Value Peru: Sacred Valley Of The Incas To Lake Titicaca

From: £1,862.65

This economical holiday includes Peru's top sights and features visits to charitable projects and local communities. An excellent budget choice if you're interested in local community life.

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Signature Patagonia: Glaciers Of Chile And Argentina

From: £5,083.99

A comprehensive exploration of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile. Stay in comfortable hotels and set out on a huge medley of excursions, some more active than others; the choice is yours. Begins an...

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Antarctic Peninsula: Fly And Cruise

From: £16,388.08

Fly to the Antarctic Peninsula, avoiding turbulent Drake Passage and saving time for your comfortable expedition ship to the Antarctic Peninsula.Also visits Torres del Paine in Chile.

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Explore And Relax In Argentina And Brazil: Cityscape And Beach Time

From: £4,049.86

This holiday offers a real mix of experiences in South America: discover Latin cities (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro); the barefoot beaches on Ilha Grande and the tumultuous Iguazú Falls.

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Treasures Of Central America: Heritage Of The Aztec And Mayan Empires

From: £4,665.03

A comprehensive holiday for history lovers. Mesoamerica has a huge number of archaeological sites and monuments. From Mexico City move on to colonial and indigenous Oaxaca and the Yucatán  Mayan ju...

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From Paddington To Peru

From: £3,288.82

Inspired by Michael Bond's classic books and the 2014 hit movie, this 14-day family adventure is a unique opportunity to meet and learn about the endangered spectacled bears in their own environment.

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Active Peru: The Ausangate Trek

From: £2,350.19

This challenging  high-altitude mountain trek is close to Cusco, but with an other-wordly, wilderness feel. Overnight not in chilly tents but in small, cosy lodges run by local communities.

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Family Ecuador And Galapagos

From: £5,924.04

An enriching holiday for adults and children alike, exploring a rainforest –fringed Amazon tributary from a river boat and the wildlife of the Galápagos on an island-based stay.

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Luxury Peru: Andes To Amazon

From: £7,595.15

A luxury holiday staying in first class Belmond hotels. Arrive at the “Lost City” of Machu Picchu in the elegant Hiram Bingham train from Cusco, the Incas' imperial capital. Fly to the ...

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Untouched Aisen: Little-Known Patagonia

From: £3,448.00

Chile's fractured, mountainous coastline meant the mid-south remaining a sparsely populated wilderness, as are the wind-buffeted steppes across the border in Argentina. But now the adventurous can...

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Patagonia And The Chilean Fjords Expedition Cruise - 21 Nov 2019

From: £6,718.18

This cruise on Silversea's luxury expedition ship Silver Explorer is an exploration of Chile's picturesque lake district south of Santiago and the remote, glaciated wilderness of the Patagonian Pac...

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Signature Costa Rica And Panama: The Caribbean Route

From: £2,869.57

Visit two contrasting Central American countries. Costa Rica is a treasure trove for the nature-lover with many divine national parks, while Panama is a cultural melting-pot where you'll discover t...

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