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Artisan Travel provides enriching and handcrafted itineraries for discerning travellers who want to really experience the destination they are visiting. We work with local experts to provide the best possible experiences and pride ourselves on our first-hand product knowledge and personal service. We specialise in a superb range of year-round holidays to Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska as well as the summer delights of the Mediterranean.

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Harriniva - Five-Day Husky Safari

From: £2155.00

This wonderful wilderness experience sees you take charge of your own team of huskies for a 5-day safari through the wilds of Lapland.

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Vuokatti - Into the Wilderness with Huskies

From: £1675.00

Vuokatti is located in the Lakeland region of Finland. The chain of forested hills and frozen lakes are transformed and become a snow-covered playground, the perfect place to enjoy dog sledding.

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Harriniva - Summit Snowmobile

From: £2195.00

Described as "quad bikes for winter", these powerful machines allow cross-country access to otherwise out of bounds places. This trip takes you beyond being just a visitor.

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Cruise the Islands And Cities of the Dalmatian Coast

From: £745.00

Step aboard for a seven-night small-ship cruise holiday from the harbour town of Dubrovnik. You will head north-west to some of the most beautiful islands and towns in Croatia.

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Utsjoki - New Year Twice

From: £2425.00

Celebrate the New Year twice in Utsjoki. Immerse yourselves in culture in the only municipality of Finland with a majority Sámi population and join your Sámi guide in some amazing activities.

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Ivalo - Guesthouse Three Day Husky Safari

From: £1795.00

Spend three days powering through the Finnish wilderness on your very own husky sled. You will connect with both the dogs and the outdoor environment during this incredible experience.

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Dog sledding in the Yukon - following the Yukon Quest

From: £2395.00

Hailed as the toughest sled dog race on earth, the Yukon Quest traverses the huge wilderness of The Yukon and Alaska.

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