August/September 2022

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August / September 2022


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USA Special

- Yellowstone and beyond: celebrating 150 years of Yellowstone National Park plus other highlights of the Great American West

- Amazing wildlife of the USA and where to see it

- Underrated urban escapes

- Colorado road trip


South Georgia

We gawp at the spectacle of hundreds of thousands of king penguins and visit the final resting place of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s on this ruggedly beautiful sub-Antarctic island.


The Azores

This archipelago of North Atlantic islands offers volcanic landscapes, Portuguese influences but a unique identity of its own as we discover


Marrakech, Morocco

Explorer Alice Morrison has made Morocco her home and here reveals why Marrakech is at a crossroads and how travellers can help


Bogotá, Colombia

Colombia’s capital once drew visitors in search of gold - now it glitters for a very different reason





Indigenous Culture: Bedouin of Jordan

British Break: Exmoor

Double Bill: Samos and Chios, Greece

Arts & Crafts: Ghana

European Short Break: Ticino, Switzerland World Heritage: Nan Madol, Micronesia

WanderSleeps: New Zealand Ecostays

World Food: Royal cuisine of South Korea



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