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Ben Lerwill has been writing about travel professionally since 2003, contributing to magazines, newspapers, websites and the occasional guidebook. He is particularly passionate about the outdoors, family travel and cultural tourism, with a special interest in the UK, Western Europe, Asia and Australia. 

He runs a lot, slowly, has somehow appeared three times as an extra on Australian TV, and once slammed his own head in a taxi door in Armenia. His personal website can be found at  

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Top 5 activities around Katherine, Northern Territory

Katherine is one of the key stop-offs on the long, long road journey down Australia’s Stuart Highway – and it gives plenty of good reasons not to rush through

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A sunny weekend in Sommaroy, Norway

The constant daylight in Sommarøy may mean a few sleepless nights, but this scenic village in Arctic Norway offers a wonderful lightness of being

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Wildlife spotting in Ghana

Head to Ghana's Mole National Park for Ashanti legends and close elephant encounters

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Tokyo: how to find calm in the chaos

Tokyo is a real blitz on the senses. But this neon-lit labyrinth has its secret serenities, while a boat ride away are islands where nature calls the shots

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Walking in Kenya's Great Rift Valley

A new trail across Kenya’s Great Rift Valley links mud-and-thatch villages, shimmering lakes, flocks of flamingos, wildlife galore and around 25 million years of geological history

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Urban to outback: Crossing Australia on the Indian Pacific train

Australia's Indian Pacific is no ordinary train: it's an ocean-to-ocean epic, travelling between Perth and Sydney via its huge, humbling red centre. Ben Lerwill hopped on board...

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8 unforgettable train journeys across South America

From Andean highs to coastal lowlands, South America's railroads cross some of the most dramatic scenery on Earth...

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Wandersleeps: 7 of the best ryokans in Japan

These traditional inns come in all shapes, sizes, ages and areas. Our diverse selection all have one thing in common: authentic, soothing Japanese hospitality…

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5 things you need to know before staying in a Japanese ryokan

The etiquette of staying at a ryokan – a traditional Japanese guesthouse –can be perplexing for first-timers. Learn the dos and don'ts with this this handy guide...

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Malta vs Madeira: Which should you visit?

They’re both beautiful islands in Europe offering outdoor fun, culture aplenty and food to make you drool. But which one is the best? We put them head to head in an attempt to find out…

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Discovering unseen Japan: Baseball, steam baths and volcanoes in Kyushu

Cascading landscapes, samurai history, ancient volcanoes and... American sports? Throw a curve ball into your Japan trip with a visit to the underrated Kyushu region, says Ben Lerwill...

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