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Blog Words : From the Editor | 17 June

From the Editor: The very best from myWanderlust this week

The railway markets of Bangkok, things to do for free in Europe and a sneak peak of Snoop Dogg's balcony. Just your average week on myWanderlust

Kavey has an imaginary £1,000 burning a hole in her pocket and wants you to help her spend it.

Anila reckons she'd travel slowly through France and Spain to Morocco. Calamine 2808 would head off to the Yucatan Peninsula. Ttbko would use the cash to do Lucca in style. (I can heartily recommend staying at La Romea, just near the funny tower with the tree growing out the top.) Where would you go? You can tell Kavey here.

Or better still, if you're prepared to lower your budget a bit - say to around £250 - you can turn your travel daydreams into a reality with our 25 Trips for £250 competition. Come up with an idea, show that it's possible and, if we like your idea, we'll give you the cash to do it. You'll find more details here.

Elsewhere on the myWanderlust Forum, Anila wanted ideas on things to do for free in Europe. People watching was a popular suggestion. Andy Morris was more specific, offering up the Church of the Spilled Blood in St Petersburg and the walk up to Wengen or Kleine Scheidegg from Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Calamine 2808 suggested nude sculptures in Vigeland Park in Oslo. The real star of the post was our web wonder, Daisy. She thoughtfully linked to the canon of Wanderlust articles already online about free things to do in a plethora of cities around the world. You'll find them here.

We've all visited the Floating Markets in Bangkok, but what about the Railway Markets? Pam Graeme has and she gives us the lowdown in the myWanderlust Experiences with A Different Day in Bangkok. Personally, I'd go just to see the way the traders move their stalls out of the way momentarily when a train passes by.

Tom Coote, meanwhile, has been in LA taking the Hollywood Stalkers tour. He meets 'Thingy' from the X-Files, catches a glimpse of Snoop Dogg's balcony and question's the veracity of the guide's claim he was in Flight of the Conchords.

Ellie102 visits a hamman in Morocco and asks the big question: Is spit ever a good substitute for soap? Short answer – no. For a longer answer visit here.

Talkingdumb found a cheap ticket to Japan with a four-day stopover in Sri Lanka. Idyllic? It would have been if the Tamil Tigers hadn't attacked the military base next to the airport! Find out more in Sri Lanka Pitstop.

Talkingdumb eventually got to Japan. Which is good news because he has posted some wonderful photos from Miyazaki in the myWanderlust Gallery. I lived in Japan for a year after I finished university and his pictures of the temples around Kyoto had me getting all nostalgic.

Beccs has put up some lovely pics from Aegina Island in Greece. All of a sudden it's clear why she's in the Forum asking the best way to get to Greece by train!

Then, it could be just the coming of the rain.

Happy travels!

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