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World’s most remote outposts ...and why you HAVE to visit them

The middle of nowhere can be the most exhilirating destination of all - and well worth the effort needed to visit. We countdown the 25 must-visit destinations including: Galapagos, Easter Island, St Helena, Arctic Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Burma and many more...

Peru & Bolivia

From fashionable La Paz to the ruin-scattered islands of Lake Titicaca - join us to explore the spiritual home to the Aymara on a trip across Peru and Bolivia's wild antiplano


Discover the delights of the town at the top of the world - Longyearbyen - where hardy locals are working to offer more to intrepid travellers, from husky rides to gourmet food and even the chance to sleep INSIDE a glacier

Cape York

Explore Australia's north-eastern tip at Cape York then indulge in a spot of island hopping on its Pacific outpost of the Torres Strait Islands


Get your tickets ready as we jump aboard the highest train in the world, going 3,750km from Beijing to Lhasa, to discover temples, Potala Palace and pilgrims


Journey with us to seek out hippos, local kings and ancient traditions in the islands and villages of West Africa's forgotten country

Plus... Survive your first wild camp, Nigel Marven on his wild life; Best festivals around the world, First 24 hours in Ubud, Bali; a Short Break in Macedonia's Lake Ohrid; Redeicovering Rome; Water treatment devices - tested, and lots, lots more...

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Peru & Bolivia

Top 5 sites around Lake Titicaca
First 24 hours in La Paz
An alternative Inca Trail... in Bolivia

Arctic Norway

Icebound: Spitsbergen in winter
Polar bear chasing in Svalbard
5 tips for a successful Svalbard trip

Cape York, Queensland

Inland adventures in Queensland
5 unusual ways to experience Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Tibet & China

Himalayan China
Top 4 Tibetan monasteries
Top 10 Beijing experiences


Return to Sierra Leone
Rhythm & blues: returning to Senegal
West Africa's must visit destinations

Articles from this issue

How to protect yourself from air pollution

Global air pollution is on the rise. With it comes the increased risk of respiratory illness. Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth explains how travellers might be affected – and how to cope

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Nigel Marven on his wild, wild life

From earthworm wrangler to driving David Attenborough across Spain, TV wildlife expert Nigel Marven talks early jobs and why it’s never wise to linger when surrounded by bull sharks...

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13 of the world's best festival trips

Festivals are a truly eye-opening experience that immerse us in a different culture. Here are 13 of the world's best festival trips.

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4 traditional rice dishes from Central Asia

Bring a taste of Central Asia into your home with these 4 traditional rice recipes.

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25 of the world's must-visit remote outposts

The middle of nowhere can be the most exhilarating destination of all - well worth the effort to get there. Explore pirate islands, volcano villages, incredible wildlife and Arctic tundra in the furthest reaches of the world…

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Short break in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Whisper it quietly: one of the world’s oldest lakes has become Europe’s latest secret escape, packed with mountains, history and magic, says Lyn Hughes

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A 3,750km train journey from Beijing to Lhasa

A dizzying 3,750km train ride divides Beijing from Lhasa – but beyond the checkpoints of the Tibetan capital’s Old City, you might as well be in another world

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A spiritual trip to wild Bolivia and Peru

From fashionable La Paz to the ruin-scattered islands of Lake Titicaca... Explore the spiritual home of the Aymara on a trip across Bolivia and Peru’s wild altiplano

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A wild road trip through Australia's Cape York

Dotted above Australia’s north-eastern tip are its Pacific outposts. We road-trip through rugged Cape York and then indulge in a spot of island-hopping through the Torres Strait for a real Oz adventure

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Exploring wildlife and ancient culture in Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is easily overlooked, but you can discover hippos, kings and ancient traditions in the islands and villages of West Africa’s forgotten country

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Discovering glaciers, wildlife and hardy locals in Arctic Norway

Ice caves, reindeer, snowmobiles and the shed that might save the future of humanity. Wanderlust's Editor Phoebe Smith explores Longyearbyen in Svalbard, Norway: the town at the top of the world...

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