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Machu Picchu
: Want to catch Peru's icon without the hordes? Join us as we lead the way on the other Inca Trail for crowd-free exploring

Road Trip USA:
Never mind Route 66! We celebrate Wanderlust's 21st anniversary by designing a unique American road trip, hitting Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain and more... in a red Mustang

India: The Brahmaputra River has just opened for boats, so we step aboard to navigate its wildlife-rich waters

Off-grid Russia: Forget Moscow: come with us as we visit some of the tiny federal republics where old traditions still thrive

Democratic Republic of Congo: Want to see gorillas and trek to a seldom-visited volcano? Then you need to hear about Virunga National Park

Plus... 21 trailblazers that changed the way we travel - how many do you know? How to find a good trekking guide; Hot foot it to Poprad, Slovakia; The Great Wall of China; Nagoya, Japan's other gateway city; A short foodie break in Bologna - and lots more!

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Articles from this issue

Know your... grey whales

Grey whales offer some of the most spectacular wildlife experiences on earth – but where, and how, to see these gentle giants?

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How to be a responsible traveller

Transform yourself from jaded tourist to responsible traveller with this guide to travelling sustainably

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Traveller's guide to buying adventure-ready luggage

Sometimes a straightforward suitcase just won’t do. So we help you pick the perfect travel bag, for when you need more versatility from your luggage

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The ultimate USA road trip

Nowhere delivers the thrill of the open road quite like the USA – but where to start? And where to find the routes less-travelled? Here's how to plan an awesome American road trip – Mustang essential, of course...

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First 24 hours in Nagoya, Japan

Want an alternative start to your Japanese adventure? Then try Nagoya, which is packed with temples, castles and quirky youth culture

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Short break in Bologna, Italy

The food capital of Italy makes a delicious destination for a long weekend – and offers medieval marvels, lively bars and fast cars too

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Exploring Russia's federal republics

Within the vastness of Russia sits 22 tiny federal republics, enclaves where minority peoples – from meadow redheads to Europe’s last pagans – cling to their traditions. But with what success?

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Cruising the Brahmaputra River, India

The vast, perilous Brahmaputra was thought virtually unnavigable – but, a brave new boat journey has just opened up Assam’s remote, wildlife-rich, culturally unique riverbanks

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Visiting Virunga National Park, DR Congo

Vast and varied Virunga National Park is often off-limits due to conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But Martin Fletcher discovers that when it is open, some of Africa’s most magical moments are

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Horseriding on the Salkantay Trek, Peru

15 ecosystems, 4,600m high trails – on four hoofs. Trot to the top of the alternative Inca Trail for a view of Machu Picchu that the crowds don't see...

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