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Road Trip Central America:  The journey of a lifetime: soak up real local life on the highway from Guatemala to Panama, taking in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica en route

India: The world’s best place to see leopard? We visit this secret southern pocket of the regal state of Rajasthan to find out.

Japan: We go on a winter adventure in Japan’s northern isle of Hokkaido – a ice-spectacular including snow sculptures, husky sleds and dancing cranes

Ethiopia: Join us on the trail of the elusive Ethiopian wolf

Nagorno-Karabakh: Enter the little-known historic enclave that’s fiercely contested by Armenia and Azerbaijan, but fascinating for intrepid travellers

Plus... Michael Palin interview; master the man’oushé – the delicious Lebanese bread dish; your guide to super solar chargers; discover witchy Salem, explosive White Island and accessible Phuket; Plus: El-Jem,  Innsbruck, Mexico City and lots, lots more ...

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Below are a selection of articles from our online archive, plus travel guides relating to the features in this issue of Wanderlust (October 2014).

Central America travel guide

Honduras: Discover more than Maya | Destinations

Coffee, chocolate and colossal volcanoes in Guatemala | Destinations 

Crossing Costa Rica with manpower | Destinations

Panama: Paradise found on the San Blas Islands | Destinations 


Ethiopia: Northern highlands | Destinations

Lalibela, Ethiopia: then and now | Destinations

Tribes of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia | Destinations

Hokkaido, Japan

Travelling in Japan's Kiso Valley | Destinations

Tokyo: how to find calm in the chaos | Destinations

Discover Japan's Atlantis of the East | Destinations

Know your cherry blossoms | Destinations 


Forever and ever... Armenia | Destinations 

The good shepherds of Armenia | Blogs

Articles from this issue

Michael Palin on a very busy year indeed!

The world’s (and Wanderlust’s) favourite traveller talks to Lyn Hughes about Monty Python, 80 Days and the third instalment of his diaries, Travelling to Work

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In search of wolves in Ethiopia

The mountains of Ethiopia are home to an abundance of special creatures – and a new lodge is providing the perfect base to seek one of the rarest, the Ethiopian wolf...

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How to source clean water

Need to find drinkable water on your travels? Follow this expert guide

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Chikungunya: know the facts

Insect-spread disease chikungunya is on the rise – and has now made its way from Africa to the USA. But just how dangerous is this ‘new’ disease?

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How to take amazing photos of stars

Want to photograph stars like a pro? Here's how to make your night-time travel photos dazzle...

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Traveller's guide to: Solar chargers

We may travel to get away from it all but what if you want to keep in touch with friends and family or update your blog? Enter the solar charger, the perfect on-the-go way to power your electronic devices, wherever you find yourself…

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First 24 hours in Mexico City, Mexico

With its rich culture and thriving culinary scene, Mexico City is more than a stopover: it’s a hot destination in its own right

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Leopard safari in Rajasthan, India

Marble palaces teeter, the Aravelli mountains rise majestically, flamingos flock and five leopards might be seen at once – is this outpost of southern Rajasthan the most sublime place in India?

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Reader story: Exploring White Island, New Zealand

Wanderlust reader Mark Chadwick battled sulphur and seasickness on New Zealand’s most active volcano

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Road trip through Central America

There’s no better way to experience the diversity and authenticity of Central America than a road trip along the legendary Carretera Panamericana

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Nagorno-Karabakh: the land that doesn't exist

Ethnically Armenian, annexed to Azerbaijan, unrecognised by almost everyone: Nagorno-Karabakh could be the world's least-known wonder

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Short break: Innsbruck, Austria

It might be famed for its Christmas markets, but the Tirolean capital actually makes a perfect weekend break destination all year round...

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What does 'UNESCO World Heritage Site' really mean?

UNESCO-listed destinations wear their title as a badge of honour – but what really makes a UNESCO World Heritage Site special? And why should we care so much?

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A wild winter in Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is Japan’s wild frontier, especially in winter, when cars are swapped for snowmobiles and huskies, cranes dance, hot springs steam and the sparkling Sapporo Snow Festival comes to town...

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