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Adelina Storkaas is a journalist from Sweden. She has studied journalism at Södertörn University, Sweden, and University of Limerick, Ireland and is currently a web intern at Wanderlust Magazine.

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Mike Massimino: “This is what Heaven must look like.”

NASA astronaut Mike Massimino’s travel experiences aren’t just limited to Planet Earth. Here, he talks about spacewalking 350 miles above the planet, cycling around London and the destinations aliens are most likely to visit

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Berlin’s insider secrets revealed by the city’s top tour guides

Berlin is one of the world’s hippest, most vibrant cities. Adelina Storkaas asks 3 of the German capital’s top tour guides - Markus Müller-Tenckhoff, Sascha Möllering and Henrik Tidefjärd - to reveal it's hidden gems, from the best bars and clubs to active ways to explore

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10 things we could all learn from the Swedes

Every culture has their quirky habits and bright ideas. From stealing other people’s mushrooms and jumping like frogs to finding brilliant excuses not to work, Sweden’s Adelina Storkaas lets us in on the Scandinavian country’s secrets we could all learn from

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9 strangest food festivals around the world

From getting the perfect mashed potato mudpack to skiing with melon 'boots’, Adelina Storkaas gets her teeth stuck into fabulously unique festivals where food is the star of the show, if rarely put in your mouth

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10 of the world's weirdest and grossest national delicacies to try - if you dare

From century-old eggs and maggot cheese to fermented shark, Adelina Storkaas gets her teeth stuck into 10 of the most bizarre national food dishes from around the world, guaranteed to linger on your tastebuds

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12 wonderful winter active adventures in the UK

From surfing to snowholes, fat biking to hiking, there’s no shortage of things to do in Britain during the winter. Here are 12 outdoor adventures well worth getting wrapped up for

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10 fun, active trips to get fit and healthy in 2017

From 'hotpod yoga' to running, hiking to rafting, these 10 great health and fitness holidays will help you keep that New Year's resolution to get in shape and feel great this year

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Taking inspiration from the world's great explorers on an adventure to Sagres, Portugal

Knocked down by failure, NASA astronaut Mike Massimino travels to the 'end of the world', Sagres in Portugal, when his dreams of space are on the line - only to be inspired by the world's great explorers

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9 weird and wonderful ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve around the world

From smashing plates on friends’ doors to jumping waves or stocking up on round things, here's how to make your NYE celebrations a little more exotic this year...

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6 fun facts you didn’t know about sloths

Sloths are slow-moving furry critters known for their cuteness. Here's a few things you didn't know about them, including their unique qualities, dating habits and yoga skills...

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8 things you must do in Sweden

From ice skating on lakes in the east of Sweden to tucking into a seafood feast in the west. Swedish Adelina Storkaas reveals hidden gems, local activities and traditions that you won’t want to miss

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