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5 TV shows that will inspire you to travel

They're not travel shows, but they still make you want to jump on the next plane... Which is your favourite?

1. Midsomer Murders – England

Midsomer County doesn't really exist. And with its high murder rate – double that of London – that's probably a good thing. But for Antipodeans who are willing to overlook the danger, it's the perfect example of picture-postcard England.

In Australia, repeats of the series still rate highly and it often features in the nation's top twenty shows in national surveys. Indeed there is no higher praise from an Aussie returning from the UK than "It was just like Midsomer Murders."

Midsummer Murder Tour

2. Friends – New York

OK, the fashions and the hairstyles may have dated, but the appeal of sitting around a comfy, casual cafe in Manhattan drinking coffee with friends hasn't. The fact that the 'friends' in question seem to be able to live so well in New York without appearing to have to work too much makes it even more idyllic.

Those who like their New York lifestyle a little edgier and weirder might prefer the Upper West Side with the Seinfeld gang. Those looking for something a little more glamorous and salacious might hanker for a Sex and the City-style soiree in Mid Manhattan.

Friends New York Tour

Sex And the City New York Tour

Kramer's Reality Tour of New York (Seinfeld)

3. Neighbours – Australia

It's hard to figure out the appeal of a soap set in suburban Melbourne, but that hasn't stopped young Brits making a pilgrimage to Ramsay Street on their Gap Year travels around Australia. Home and Away offers a more traditional cliched view of Australia, set on a beach north of Sydney, but it seems the simple pleasures of a pool in every backyard and a beer at Lasseter's is all every Brit aspires to.

Official Neighbours Tour

Home and Away tour

4. Northern Exposure – Alaska

Set in Alaska, filmed in Rosaly, Washington State, this series follows the travels of Dr Joel Fleischman, a young New York physician sent to practice in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska. The premise is a little hokey – city slicker stuck in small town with hilarious consequences – but the scenery is stunning, the characters are self aware and likeable, and moose amble through the main street in the opening credits. What more do you want?

Northern Exposure location tour

5. The Killing – Copenhagen

Who knew Denmark could be so dark, brooding and murderous? This beautifully shot series is one of cornerstones of Nordic Noir and, according to Danish tourist officials, has led directly to a 16% increase in British visitors to Copenhagen over the past year. Many, it seems, to Sabine Poupinel clothes shop on Kronprinsensgade to buy one of the Gudrun & Gudrun Faroese sweaters, worn by Sarah Lund.

The Killing Tour of Copenhagen

Is there a TV show that inspired you to travel to a particular place? Tell us about it in the comments below...

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