10 epic nature and wildlife documentaries you can watch now

We round up the best nature documentaries can you find on Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and NowTV - so you've got more to watch once you've finished Our Planet...

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Let us guess: you’ve either watched Our Planet already, or its top of your TV to-do list.

At some point, you'll have binged the whole of the series, and be looking for something else to scratch the itch for sweeping landscape shots, up-close-and-personal wildlife encounters, and Sir David Attenborough's iconic narration.

So, are there any other nature documentaries can you watch ASAP on Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and NowTV? Let's take a look.

Here are the best nature documentaries to watch on demand...

1. Planet Earth and Planet Earth II (2016)

What you'll watch: This now iconic BBC Earth series journeys through just about every part of the world. It's well-loved for its clever use of time lapse photography, and the epic score by legendary composer Hans Zimmer.

Where to watch it: The original Planet Earth and Planet Earth II are available to watch in full on Netflix UK.

2. The Blue Planet (2001) and Blue Planet II (2017)

What you'll watch: A self-described 'deep dive' into the world's mysterious oceans, helping us get closer to our planet's underwater creatures, and their endangered environment. Blue Planet, though a limited series, does manage to cover just about everything.

Where to watch it: You can watch the original Blue Planet and Blue Planet II on Netflix UK

3. Life (2009)

What you'll watch: 10 episodes of intimate exploration into the weird things the world's many species do to keep their kind alive. Narrated by (you guessed it) Sir David Attenborough.

Where to watch it: Life is available to view on Netflix UK.

4. Frozen Planet (2011)

What you'll watch: The team behind Planet Earth and narrator David Attenborough (or Alec Baldwin for our friends in the USA) takes us deeper into the Arctic and Antarctic. You'll closely watch the behaviours of the animals who roam among the untouched landscapes: polar bears, penguins and whales.

Like many of these shows, it does delve into the very-real issue of global warming, and examines how climate change affects this part of the world, and these animals.

Where to watch it: Frozen Planet is currently streaming on Netflix UK.

5. Africa (2013)

What you'll watch: A six part nature series that originally aired on BBC One, exploring the continent of Africa. Sir David Attenborough's narration (or Forest Whittaker's, if you're watching the US version) takes us all over: to the Congo, the peaks of the Savannah, the Cape, the Kalahari and the Sahara, and introduces even seasoned nature doc watchers to unknown places and even species that had never been filmed before.

Where to watch it: You can watch Africa on Netflix UK.

6. Australia: Earth’s Magical Kingdom (2019)

What you'll watch: Three hours of lesser known Aussie wildlife, both on land and at sea. The focus? The show zooms in on how a such a diverse range (birds, marsupials, and the unusual, platypus-related echinda) of life survives and thrives in the country's extreme environment.

Expect to see the everything from the Snowy Mountains to Perth woodlands, to the Queensland coast. This is probably one of the more recent docs on the list, as it aired on BBC in March 2019.

Where to watch it: You can still watch Australia... on BBC iPlayer.

7. The Ivory Game (2016)

What you'll watch: A one hour 50 minute film examining ivory trafficking trade up close, as the filmmakers attempt to disrupt the system pushing African elephants the brink of extinction. 

Where to watch it: The Ivory Game is available on Netflix

8. David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies (2015)

What you'll watch: Join the man himself explore how 'nature's flight' has evolved over time, using high-speed and macroscopic 3D filming techniques. 

Where to watch it: Originally airing on Sky One in the UK, Conquest is available to watch on NowTV, until 2024... so, no rush.

9. Natural World (1983 onwards)

What you'll watch: Episodic series from BBC Two, telling detailed stories about different kinds of animals, and also highlighting amazing world photography. See wildlife in Florida battle the stormy weather, watch large prides of lions and elephants battle it out in Africa, and examine the human-like behaviour of the pygmy monkey.

Where to watch it: Various Natural World films are still available on BBC iPlayer.

And of course... 10. Our Planet (2019)

What you'll watch: Don't let us tell you, let producer Alastair Fothergill, as he describes to Wanderlust what filming the epic was really like. Or read our complete episode guide.

Where to watch it: Our Planet is available globally on Netflix.

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