Off the radar: 7 amazing trips to the unlikeliest of destinations

From Djibouti and Pakistan to Uruguay and Kosovo, experience the thrill of discovering new sights and cultures on these amazing trips to destinations that you might never have considered...

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1. Discover the delights of Djibouti

Afar tents on Ghoubet beach (Shutterstock)

Afar tents on Ghoubet beach (Shutterstock)

Venture far from the beaten track as you traverse the Djibouti landscape, float on one of the world’s saltiest lakes, and go in search of whale sharks on this extraordinary hiking and snorkelling adventure with Intrepid.

Tucked away on the Horn of Africa, Djibouti is a little-visited treasure – packed with volcanoes, hot springs, salt flats, forests and empty beaches. You’ll sleep overnight in a traditional Afar hut at Campement Touristique d’Asboley, snorkel with whale sharks in the Bay of Ghoubbet, and watch sunrise from the shores of Lac Abbe – a land of mineral chimneys, salt flats, and hot springs. 

Trip: Djibouti's Footsteps of the Afar

Who: Intrepid

When: Departures Nov-Feb

How long: 11 days

How much: From £2,450 (exc. flights)

2. An insider’s guide to Kosovo

Prizren, Kosovo (Shutterstock)

Prizren, Kosovo (Shutterstock)

Explore one of Europe’s newest and most diverse countries on this eight-day adventure through Kosovo with Regent Holidays.

Travelling with a local guide and driver, you’ll learn about medieval culture in eastern Kosovo, enjoy the Ottoman architecture of Prizren, and taste amazing wine in Rahoveci. You’ll also visit the stunning monasteries of Gracanica, Decani and Peja, and travel up the spectacular Rugova Gorge. Best of all, your guide will ensure you get to taste the local food which is delicious and largely organic.

Trip: Cultural Landscapes Of Kosovo

Who: Regent Holidays

When: Flexible departures throughout the year

How long: 8 days

How much: £1,725 (inc. flights)

3. Get active in Andorra

A road through Andorra la Vella (Shutterstock)

A road through Andorra la Vella (Shutterstock)

Nestled between France and Spain, Andorra’s breathtaking landscape is the perfect setting for thrillseekers looking for some serious adrenalin-fuelled fun. You’ll experience it all on this action-packed week in the Pyrenees with Intrepid.

Each day brings an exciting new activity. You’ll cycle along the scenic trails of Port de Cabus, the mountain pass on the Pyrenees Andorran-Spanish border; zip line across the Cortals Valley, and whitewater raft along some of Europe’s wildest rivers. There’s plenty of opportunity to sample the local culture and food too: a mix of Catalan, Spanish and French.

Trip: Andorra: Hike, Bike & Raft

Who: Intrepid

When: Departures May-Sep

How long: 8 days

How much: From £532 (exc. flights)

4. Go deep in the Caymans

Diving amongst the corals off Grand Cayman (Shutterstock)

Diving amongst the corals off Grand Cayman (Shutterstock)

Discover an altogether more fascinating side to the glitzy Cayman Islands on this Caribbean diving holiday with Dive Worldwide.

The Caymans are famous for their wall diving, shipwrecks, and magnificent marine life. The waters are clear and warm, and the diving is suitable for everyone from beginners to technical divers. You’ll enjoy 20 dives over 10 days, spending a week at Sunset House on Grand Cayman and a long weekend at Little Cayman Beach Resort. A truly memorable getaway.

Trip: Discover The Caymans

Who: Dive Worldwide

When: Flexible departures throughout the years

How long: 14 days

How much: £3,245 (inc. flights)

5. Be surprised by Pakistan

Derawar Fort (Shutterstock)

Derawar Fort (Shutterstock)

Follow the Grand Trunk Road and discover a little-travelled part of Pakistan on this Domes and Desert adventure with Oasis Overland.

Starting in Islamabad, you’ll travel to Lahore and then to the Indian border to watch the mind-boggling flag lowering ceremony. Then you’ll head south, visiting the striking Derawar Fort in the Cholistan Desert, before exploring the 5,000-year-old history of the Indus Valley. Finally, you'll take in the sights, sounds and tastes of Karachi and its bazaars.

Trip: Pakistan - Domes & Deserts Of The Indus

Who: Oasis Overland

When: Departures Oct-Mar

How long: 17 days

How much: From £1,995 (exc. flights)

6. Uncover Uruguay’s charms

A gaucho in Tacuarembo, Uruguay (Shutterstock)

A gaucho in Tacuarembo, Uruguay (Shutterstock)

Cross the River Plate and discover a corner of South America that very few get to see on this extraordinary journey through Uruguay with Journey Latin America.

Visiting the vibrant capital of Montevideo, along with the vineyards of Carmelo, colonial architecture of Colonia, and the trendy beach resort of Punta del Este, this trip is the perfect introduction to the undiscovered charm of Uruguay. Get there now, before the crowds arrive.

Trip: Signature Uruguay: Land of Vintage Charm

Who: Journey Latin America

When: Departures throughout the year

How long: 14 days

How much: From £3,890 (exc. flights)

7. Discover the hidden Guianas

Kaieteur waterfall, Guyana (Shutterstock)

Kaieteur waterfall, Guyana (Shutterstock)

Explore some of the last untouched rainforests and immerse yourself into one of the most biodiverse wildernesses on the planet on this multi-country adventure through French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname with KE Adventure Travel.

You’ll discover a lost world of river dolphins, spaceports, pristine rainforest, penal colonies and extraordinary wildlife. You’ll fly over the spectacular Kaieteur Falls – five times higher than Niagara Falls – visit Maroon and indigenous communities to learn about their fascinating culture, and savour the rich culinary heritage of the region with an exclusive chef's tour of bustling markets. A tour for the true explorer.

Trip: Discovering the Hidden Guianas

Who: KE Adventure Travel

When: Departures Mar, Sep & Nov

How long: 15 days

How much: From £4,695 (exc. flights)

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