"As an Intrepid traveller you are not your average tourist. You will leave behind international hotels, air-conditioned buses and tourist masses. Instead, you will escape to beautiful countryside, remote beaches and stay in tranquil guesthouses run by local families."

Darrell Wade, CEO of Intrepid Travel

For travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, Intrepid opens up a whole new world of adventure travel.

With a huge variety of tours available, Intrepid travellers explore the world’s most amazing places - from the back streets of Asia, to the wilds of Africa, the colourful landscapes of Latin America, the picturesque National Parks on North America, and the ancient cultures of Australasia.

Come with us to discover real people, real cultures & incredible real life experiences along the way.

* Small groups, real experiences

* Freedom & flexibility

* Real value

* Innovative & interactive itineraries

* It’s all in the journey!

* Guaranteed departures

* Responsible travel

We think that the smaller the group, the better the experience, and that’s why we limit the numbers on every Intrepid trip. It means you get to experience more of the local culture - something that’s not always possible in a larger group or by yourself.

Behind every great Intrepid trip is a great local leader. Their enthusiasm, versatility and knowledge of local culture is second to none - in most cases because they’re taking you around their home country!

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Our top 200 trips

Best of East Africa

From: £2460.00

Find the best of East Africa on this Intrepid adventure as you traverse across Kenya and into Tanzania. Discover the wildlife, history, people, culture and beauty of this incredible spot. Begin you...

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Halloween in America

From: £1290.00

Did you hear the one about the ice-skating ghosts in Central Park? Or the Headless Horseman plaguing Sleepy Hollow? What about the kitchen poltergeist in Boston? The United States’ history is pract...

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Highlights of the Azores

From: £1545.00

Although modern Portugal can be credited for its contributions to art, architecture and world-class dining, there’s a distant remnant of the Old Empire lying far from the mainland. From the rolling...

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Kathmandu to Mumbai Overland

From: £2289.00

Beginning in Nepal's atmospheric capital, travel overland through the passes of the Himalayas heading for the jungle and going in search of tigers in Chitwan. Crossing the border into India, travel...

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Cruise Croatia - Dubrovnik to Venice via Split

From: £3040.01**

Discover Adriatic gems in the form of sparkling water, rugged coast and ancient, cliff-forged defences on this 15-day cruise from Dubrovnik to Venice. Immerse yourself in Dalmatia, savouring sun-dr...

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Costa Rica Family Holiday with teenagers

From: £1405.00

Travel to Costa Rica on a tailored family tour and experience a country that’s brimming with natural beauty and adventure activities. Hike to a crater lagoon, soak in hot springs, gaze at precious ...

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Dubrovnik to Athens

From: £1875.00

This adventure combines the must-sees of the Balkan region and the lesser-known glories of Macedonia and Albania to create the perfect balance between old and new. Hang out in Dubrovnik's Old Town,...

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Cruise Croatia - Venice to Dubrovnik via Split

From: £3375.00

Discover the beauty and style of stunning Croatia in this 15-day cruise. Meet your fellow travellers in Italy and begin the Dalmatian adventure of a lifetime, dropping anchor in both well-known and...

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Mexico Unplugged

From: £855.00

Discover the heart of Mexico's Aztec, Zapotec, Mayan and Spanish cultures on this two-week journey spanning ruins, pueblos and beaches. Arrive in Mexico and travel through the mad metropolis of Mex...

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Introduction to Spitsbergen

From: £3485.00

Discover the shivery essence of the Arctic as you explore Spitsbergen and its outlying islands. Search for wildlife at every turn, and be prepared for close encounters with lumbering polar bears, n...

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La Paz to Santiago

From: £1660.00

Visit South America and travel through Bolivia, Argentina and Chile on an unforgettable adventure through the soaring Andes. Meet friendly locals and discover the rich culture and breathtaking scen...

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Santiago to La Paz

From: £1649.00

Travel to South America and set off on an unforgettable adventure through the soaring Andes, meeting friendly locals and discovering the rich culture and breathtaking scenery of this remarkable reg...

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Galapagos Adventure - Northern Islands (Daphne)

From: £1656.00

With almost 1,000 km of water lying between them and the South American mainland, the islands of the Galapagos were able to evolve largely unfettered by the presence of humanity and its ambitions. ...

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Philippines Palawan Island Getaway

From: £1165.00

Be mesmerised by the magic of the Philippines on this nine-day tour from Manila to Palawan. Explore one of the greenest cities in the country, trek to the Batak tribe to meet some locals, stroll wh...

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Best of El Salvador

From: £830.00

Sitting quietly nudged in between Guatemala and Honduras, El Salvador is often bypassed by travellers focused on getting from one big-name Central American attraction to the next. That's their loss...

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Bite-size Break Istanbul

From: £270.00

Experience an in-depth insight into Istanbul’s vibrant local cuisine on this short but sweet food exploration of this ancient city. Explore the aromatic Spice Bazaar, visit the ancient Aya Sofia, s...

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Cape Leveque and the Kimberley Coast

From: £455.00

A stunning composition of ochre-coloured earth and aquamarine waters, the Dampier Peninsula is one of the most spectacular coastal environments in Australia and a great place to encounter the Kimbe...

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Oman & Jordan Discovery

From: £2610.00

Adventure from portside Muscat and Muttrah into the heart of Oman's richly coloured past. Discover the awesome Islamic forts, age-old mud-brick houses, and silver- and spice-filled souqs that makes...

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Falkland Islands Expedition: Past & Present

From: £3855.00

The windswept moors and meadows of this remote birders haven hold plenty of history both natural and human. Small and sparsely populated, this Antarctic neighbour has nonetheless remained the sourc...

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Galapagos Island Hopping

From: £1301.00

Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater, is the drawcard of the remote Galapagos Islands. Tour the Galapagos' outstanding natural beauty and interesting history by foot & boat on this active ...

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Highlights of Spain

From: £740.00

Feel the pulse of spirited Spain on this tour from the country’s capital to the bustling coastal city of Barcelona. Enjoy all things arty – from Madrid’s inspiring Art Walk to Barcelona’s internati...

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Portugal Real Food Adventure, featuring Galicia

From: £1710.00

Taste 'pesticos' (Portuguese tapas) in Santiago de Compostela, capital of Spain's Galicia region and famous for marking the end of the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail. Discover the proud fish-mong...

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Kenyan Parks to Southern Ethiopia

From: £2060.00

This adventure through Kenya is one for the explorers, a journey heading north from Nairobi to the Ethiopian border and beyond to the World Heritage listed town of Konso. Spend time in the high-alt...

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Mountains & Mystics of India

From: £829.00

Take a tour of India and be introduced to the Mountains and Mystics of this incredible country. This is a journey of the body and spirit as we travel through the foothills of the world's highest mo...

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Canadian Rockies & Northern Lights

From: £2910.00

Go in search of the elusive ‘northern lights in the night skies of Alberta. Watch for moose, white-tailed deer and elk as you drive through pristine Canadian wilderness. Admire stunning curtains of...

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Vietnam Discovery

From: £654.00

Travel to Vietnam and trace its mystical eastern coastline, traversing the country from south to north and discovering the many attractions that lie along the way. From the modern chaos of Ho Chi M...

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Santiago Stopover

From: £310.00

Experience the best of Santiago on this delightful city stopover. Contrast historical city streets with the tranquil beauty of one of Chile's most celebrated wineries and discover what makes this e...

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A Taste of Scandinavia

From: £1475.00

Do as the locals do on this urban adventure reaching from the bohemian quarters of Copenhagen to the stylish boutiques of Oslo. Explore the cobbled streets of Gothenburg, and nibble traditional cin...

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Winter Tatra Adventure

From: £870.00

Wandering through the Tatra Mountains feels like an excursion through a pallid snow-touched dream – the only thing greater in beauty than the endless trees and rolling landscapes are the sharp peak...

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Bahamas Sailing Adventure

From: £1506.00

Set sail on this once in a lifetime sailing expedition to one of the world’s best cruising destinations, the Caribbean. You’ll experience abundant marine life, crystal clear turquoise waters, uninh...

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Umbrian Discovery

From: £1105.00

Travel to Italy and explore the green heart of charming Umbria - mingling with pilgrims, eating delicious foods and seeing ancient sites along the way. Visit the most sacred places in Italy as you ...

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Fall Colours of New England USA

From: £1631.00

Hugging the continent’s rugged, spectacular north-eastern coast, New England calls to those who want to get close to America’s natural wonders. Pack the hiking shoes and a sense of adventure for a ...

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San Jose Stopover

From: £350.00

You savour San Jose the same way you do a mug of velvety Costa Rican coffee. To really appreciate this Central American gem you need time for all its subtle notes to reveal themselves – plus a frie...

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Sail Phuket to Ko Phi Phi

From: £513.00

Feel the wind in your hair as you set sail through the paradisical surroundings of Thailand's west coast. Plunge into the glistening turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea and lie back on powdery whi...

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Bite-size Break Delhi

From: £285.00

Sweet chai, crispy aloo tikkis, fluffy naan – it is little wonder why Delhi is the gastronomic capital of India. Get behind the scenes of northern India’s food scene with the help of a local guide....

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Japan Winter Festivals

From: £2290.00

Be entranced by winter in Japan. Experience the sensational Sapporo Snow Festival, be awestruck by the size of snow sculptures and watch the soft lantern light cast its magic over festivalgoers in ...

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Beijing to St Petersburg

From: £3177.00

Big, bigger, biggest! Travel from the world’s greatest wall, along the world’s longest railway line, through the world’s largest nation, to the world’s deepest freshwater lake. Explore far-flung ci...

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Brisbane to Cairns Northbound

From: £1830.00

Victoria has the Great Ocean Road, New South Wales has Bronte and Bondi, but head further north up Australia’s east coast and it’s a whole different kettle of fish. Queensland offers one coastal pa...

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South Africa: Hike, Bike & Kayak

From: £1715.00

Hike, bike and kayak your way through South Africa, starting in Johannesburg and finishing in beautiful Cape Town. On the way you'll drive and walk through Kruger National Park in search of its fam...

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Sail Phuket to Ko Phi Phi

From: £570.00

Feel the wind in your hair as you set sail through the paradisical surroundings of Thailand's west coast. Plunge into the glistening turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea and lie back on powdery whi...

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Kathmandu to Delhi

From: £971.00

Embark on an adventure through Nepal and India, from the rich wildlife of the Himalayan foothills, across to the sacred River Ganges, via the birthplace of Buddha. At key destinations between Kathm...

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Best of India

From: £1420.00

Visit India and follow the famous Golden Triangle. Enjoy the perfect introduction to India's three most popular destinations - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - as we explore the icons and discover the secr...

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Real Bangkok to Singapore

From: £776.00

Jungle escapades, city expeditions, swimming, swimming and more swimming. Sound good? Duh! From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the jungle of Khao Sok, sleep on a raft, kick back at Krabi and ea...

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One Week Camping in Iceland

From: £1175.00

Quick note: Greenland is the one with all the ice, Iceland is the one with all the green – but you can see why people get the two mixed up. Now we’ve got that out the way – Iceland is crazy pretty....

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Uluru Adventure - Original (French speaking Guide)

From: £540.00

This 3 Day Uluru Adventure trip is the perfect short trip for those wanting to experience icons of the Australian Outback in a narrow time frame. Witnessing the ancient monolith Uluru bathed in bot...

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Epic Nepal to India

From: £892.00

Fill up on momos (steamed dumplings) in Kathmandu and get ready for a huge trip. We're talking rafting adventures and beach camps. Hit the Annapurna circuit for a glimpse of the mighty Himalayas. C...

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Classic South East Asia

From: £3645.00

From Vietnam to Cambodia, discover incredible diversity, delectable cuisines, dramatic histories and natural beauty. Travel to Cambodia and delve into the dramatic Khmer legacy in Phnom Penh and ex...

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Cape Town to Zanzibar

From: £3040.00

Travel from the southern tip of South Africa to Tanzania’s famous Spice Island on this epic Overland journey through Africa. Starting in Cape Town, head through remote deserts, rolling savannas and...

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Iran: Women's Expedition

From: £2005.00

Join Intrepid on our first ever female-only, female-led 12 day expedition through Iran. Designed to allow travellers a unique opportunity to discover the customs, food, challenges and lives of loca...

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Vietnam Family Holiday

From: £873.00

With great food, lush scenery and lots of warm, friendly locals, the whole family will fall in love with Vietnam. Sail beautiful Halong Bay. Delight at water puppets in Hanoi. Learn about rich empe...

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Essence of Central America

From: £6012.00

Discover the culture and landscapes of this fascinating region on a trip that takes you from Mexico City to Havana to San Jose – with a spattering of enticing stops along the way. In Mexico, discov...

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Highlights of Italy

From: £814.00

Discover the sights and delights of Italy on this week long highlights tour. Begin amid the canals of Venice, visit the charming towns of the Cinque Terre, soak up beauty and history in Florence an...

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Central American Adventure

From: £1748.00

Explore incredibly colourful worlds - both above and below the water - on an epic journey from the sunny beaches of Mexico, through jungle and Caribbean coastline to the volcanic mountains of Costa...

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Western USA Highlights

From: £2525.00

Discover the captivating cities and astounding natural attractions of the USA's west on a 19-day adventure that will take you from lively Los Angeles to stylish San Francisco. Experience the wonder...

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Vic Falls to Kenya

From: £2462.00

Experience the incredible African wild as you explore from Victoria Falls on to Nairobi – with incredible sights as a stunning backdrop to your journey. Learn about the animals that call this part ...

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Turkey Family Holiday

From: £1075.00

Join this family adventure through Turkey and witness some of the most incredible archaeological and natural sights in the world. Spend 10 days exploring small towns, large cities and rugged terrai...

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Croatia: Hike, Bike & Kayak

From: £1120.00

Croatia is home to some of the most beautiful national parks, waterfalls and mountains in Europe. Many of its most stunning natural features can be found in and around Paklenica National Park. Get ...

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Essential Israel & the Palestinian Territories

From: £456.00

A place of miraculous conceptions, thwarted crucifixions, 40-year slogs through desert and a fair few stoushes – you could say Israel's seen quite a bit in its days. Reckon it might be time to come...

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China Family Holiday

From: £1545.00

Take the family on a memorable adventure through China to see all sides of this colourful, cultural and naturally beautiful nation. The perfect blending of the familiar and the novel, marvel at the...

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Great Ocean Road Adventure ex Adelaide (Original)

From: £208.00

Set off on a short but sweet road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne and experience southern Australia's wild natural beauty. Drive through the Adelaide Hills, learn about local Aboriginal history in ...

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Essential East Africa

From: £1032.00

Time to get serious, young adventurers. This is what Africa is all about. Hippos, lions, leopards, lakes, jeep safaris, fun-loving red-clad Maasai folk, wide open grassy plains that stretch as far ...

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Explore Bolivia to Brazil

From: £3154.00

24 April 2018 – Due to an unexpected change on the bus schedule between San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) and Salta (Argentina), from the 1st of June 2018, this trip will spend one fewer night in San Pe...

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Essential Cambodia

From: £380.00

We’ve got temples and beaches a’plenty, homestays and markets galore. You want bahn mi and boats? We’ve got ’em ready. Because we care, and you’re a big deal, we’ll give you more. Hit up Bangkok’s ...

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Northwest Passage High Arctic, Villages and Icebergs

From: £9500.00

Beginning in Canada, travel not only into the High Arctic, but also back in time, tracing the route of Sir John Franklin’s fateful mid-19th century expedition to find the fabled Northwest Passage....

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North India Adventure

From: £1715.00

Rose-hued cities, time-worn desert forts and holy rivers – North India is the subcontintent’s showpiece, a place where ancient ruins punctuate peaceful countryside and everyday life is a riot of co...

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One Week Sailing Mykonos to Santorini

From: £1104.00

Embark on a true sailing adventure through the Greek Islands, a forever favourite with young travellers for various sun-drenched delights. On this 8-day journey you get the perfect mix of sleepy is...

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Hoi An to Hanoi

From: £1195.00

Most travellers overlook the region, but there's plenty more to central Vietnam than Hoi An and Hue – and we've now got the trip to prove it. In addition to time spent in both of places, which are ...

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Scandinavia Explorer

From: £3280.00

Tour Scandinavia and discover the many charms and delights on this two-week adventure through Norway, Sweden and Finland. Travel through some of Europe's most stylish capitals and be wowed by some ...

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Costa Rica Family Holiday

From: £1885.00

Experience the drama of Costa Rica’s landscapes, the real flavours of its culture and cuisine and uncover the country’s adventurous heart. This Family Adventure has been specially crafted to balanc...

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Darwin to Melbourne Overland (Basix)

From: £2015.00

Embark on a Northern Territory adventure, from Darwin to Melbourne, taking in the region's biggest and best-known drawcards along the way. Get a taste of the tropics in Kakadu National Park, visit ...

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Mexico & Guatemala Highlights

From: £866.00

Travel from the beach delights of Playa del Carmen to the Central American highlands on this dynamic Mexico to Guatemala tour. Clamber over ancient ruins at Chichen Itza, explore the pristine shore...

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Kenya to Cape Town

From: £4280.00

Travel from Kenya to Cape Town through some of Africa’s most incredible sights on this jaw-dropping overland journey. Explore Kenya’s bustling capital, keep your eyes open for the Big Five – elepha...

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Epic Ecuador to Argentina via The Inca Trail

From: £3094.00

Spend time in the heart of the Amazon jungle, trek the iconic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, then tick two incredible items off your bucket list. And that's just the first half of this epic adventure ...

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Kangaroo Island Adventure (Basix)

From: £265.00

Check out a sea lion colony in Seal Bay, give sand boarding a shot in Little Sahara and perhaps head out on a walk in search of Vivonne Bay's wildlife. Spot koalas in Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary,...

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Mainland Greece Discovery

From: £1130.00

Get lost in colourful cities filled with natural and ancient treasures on this whirlwind tour of mainland Greece. See where democracy began and how life was lived when Zeus called all the shots. Ex...

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Cycle Tuscany

From: £1305.00

Encounter the picturesque hills and olive groves of Tuscany on this cycling adventure from Florence to Pisa. Be rewarded after a day of pedaling through quaint villages with inspiring mountain view...

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Northern India Family Holiday

From: £755.00

Take the whole family on an unforgettable adventure to charismatic India, a place full of colourful characters, scrumptious cuisine and remarkable landscapes. Get the most out of this sensational s...

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Rio Carnaval Package Basix

From: £1035.00

Fancy dancing samba in the street from dusk 'til dawn? There's no greater party on earth than this iconic festival of Rio de Janeiro, so focus on perfecting those saucy samba steps. Join the conga ...

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Sabah Discovery

From: £1525.00

Plunge into a realm full of verdant forests, rambling rivers and endangered wildlife on a trip through Sabah, Borneo’s jungle dreamland. Full of exotic beasts, ancient traditions, tribal villages, ...

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Costa Rica: Hike, Raft & Canyon

From: £1556.00

Jump onto this active journey through the incredible wilderness of Costa Rica. Even though it’s surrounded by countries of amazing natural landscapes, Costa Rica is still a standout. From vibrant S...

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Beautiful Cuba - For Solo Travellers

From: £1200.00

Travel to Cuba and enjoy a relaxing week-long adventure while immersing yourself in the history, culture and natural beauty of this colourful Caribbean island. Cuba's imminent political and cultura...

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Uluru Adventure (Basix)

From: £400.00

This 3 Day Uluru (Ayres Rock) Adventure is the perfect short trip for those wanting to experience icons of the Australian Outback in a narrow time frame. Witnessing the ancient monolith Uluru bathe...

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Cote d'Azur Sailing Adventure - Marseille to Nice

From: £1134.00

Get off the tourist trail and jump aboard a yacht to see France from the sultry Mediterranean. Go from one celebrated port to the next and uncover a side of France only the rich get to see. To cont...

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Ethiopian Explorer

From: £3754.00

Travel to Ethiopia and discover unique and beautiful places on this journey through the heart of the country. Experience a land like no other, from the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and the untouc...

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Outback & Kangaroo Island Adventure ex Yulara (Basix)

From: £855.00

Capture the sprit of the Australia and witness its diversity on this adventure from the heart of the Outback to the tip of Kangaroo Island. From Alice Springs to Adelaide, take a tour around Uluru ...

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Explore Southern Africa

From: £1660.00

Discover the allure of southern Africa as you roam from the golden plains of the world-famous Kruger National Park and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls to the watery wonderland of the Okavango Delt...

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Real China

From: £960.00

This is pretty much the China highlights tour: you’ve got the Great Wall just outside of Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, epic outdoorsyness in Yangshuo and the neon lights in Hong Kong, ...

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Italy Uncovered

From: £2135.00

From the romance of Venice to the laidback charm of the Amalfi Coast, take time to experience the true delights of Italy. Travel through the rolling hills of Umbria, visit medieval towns, soak up c...

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Berlin to Venice

From: £1530.00

Take the long road through Bohemia on this adventure-filled tour from Germany to Italy. Travelling from historical landmarks and medieval squares to magical hilltop castles and romantic canals, thi...

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Discover Mexico & Costa Rica

From: £2620.00

Mexico and Costa Rica are two sides of the same Aztec coin. Their unique histories, filled with ancient civilizations and conquests, runs deep, and both have emerged into the modern age as colourfu...

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Turkey Real Food Adventure

From: £1030.00

Take a culinary journey through Turkey, a country steeped in history and tradition, where east meets west and the ancient bleeds into the modern day. Begin in astonishing Istanbul, discovering the ...

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Uluru Adventure - Basix ex Yulara (French speaking Guide)

From: £455.00

This 3 Day Uluru Adventure is the perfect short trip for those wanting to experience icons of the Australian Outback in a narrow time frame, offering the flexibility of flying into Yulara on the da...

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Turkey Highlights

From: £740.00

This journey packs a mighty punch in just eight days. Start in Istanbul and marvel at the Blue Mosque before navigating the warrens of the Grand Bazaar, then travel to the Aegean Sea to soak up sun...

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Kruger Experience - Lodge (3 days)

From: £560.00

No holiday to South Africa would be complete without a safari - a chance to spot Africa's Big Five and to wander the vast open savanna. Join us as we heed the call of the Kruger and embark on a mag...

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Mexico Real Food Adventure

From: £1134.00

Get an authentic taste of Mexico on this luscious journey through some of the country’s most famous culinary regions. Meander through Oaxaca’s aromatic markets; take to the streets of Puebla to sam...

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Madrid to Berlin

From: £3020.00

Discover European class and grandeur on this journey from Madrid to Berlin. Enjoy all things arty – from Madrid’s inspiring Art Walk to Barcelona’s internationally renowned galleries and museums. B...

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France & Spain

From: £4195.00

Join this adventure from romantic Paris to cosmopolitan Barcelona and be captivated by the culture and history of France and Spain. Visit castles, cycle through the Loire Valley and hike in the maj...

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Dubrovnik to Rome

From: £1845.00

A bit of the Balkans, a dash of Central Europe and a slice of the Med – this 17-Day journey through Croatia, Slovenia and Italy takes in plenty. Kick the adventure off with a wander through Dubrovn...

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Kilimanjaro: Rongai Route

From: £1828.00

See Africa from a different perspective – from the peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro. Approach the striking mountain from the north for the opportunity to see mountainside animals – monkeys and even the occa...

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Arnhem Land & Kakadu Adventure

From: £660.00

Head into the heart of the Northern Territory’s rugged Top End on a short but sweet three-day tour.Learn about local mythology and customs from a Bininj (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) guid...

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Antarctic Explorer from Ushuaia 11 day

From: £5100.00

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. Embark from Ushuaia, travelling through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands to see ...

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South East Asia Unplugged

From: £2043.00

Breathe in wafting scents of incense on a journey through the mysticism, history and ancient traditions of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Take a trip that takes in the best of Indochina, fro...

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Turkey Encompassed

From: £1095.00

Experience the stunning sights and tantalising tastes of Turkey on this two-week adventure that takes in all the highlights and then some. Become acquainted with illustrious Istanbul, behold landsc...

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Abu Dhabi Discovery

From: £235.00

From humble beginnings rise great things. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has transformed from a small fishing village into a sky-scrapered metropolis where even falcons have pas...

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Christmas in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

From: £2290.00

Enjoy a Christmas like no other on this festive adventure in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The Holy Land is a thing of legend no matter where you’re from, how old you are or when you visi...

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Best of Myanmar

From: £1264.00

Travel to Myanmar and discover a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. From golden-gilded Buddhas in Yangon and the magical temples of...

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Iconic India

From: £1498.00

Travel to the far-flung corners of India on this trailblazing adventure tour. In the north, ride camels through Jaisalmer's desert, lose yourself in the electric bazaars of Jodhpur, witness pilgrim...

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Northern Lights Escape

From: £950.00

Gurgling hot springs, majestic waterfalls, volcanoes alive and extinct, Europe’s biggest glacier – Iceland, where adventures a la naturale await. Discover the raw natural beauty of this spectacular...

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Cafe Colombia

From: £1345.00

Head into the serene highlands of Colombia's famed coffee region and discover the sweeter, softer side of this much misunderstood country. Learn how to roast the perfect blend during a tour of a wo...

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Winter Iceland Family Holiday with teenagers

From: £2240.00

Make the most of Iceland’s atmospheric winter days exploring the country’s exquisite natural beauty. From spouting geysers to plunging waterfalls and immense frozen glaciers, this island’s incredib...

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Cape Town to Vic Falls

From: £1830.00

Get set for an adventure packed with majestic wildlife, remote desert landscapes, noble tribespeople and natural wonders. From the stunning beauty of Cape Town, to a burnt orange sunset over Namibi...

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Spain Family Holiday

From: £1870.00

Take an engaging family journey to the south of Spain on this 9-day trip. Watch skirts swirl and flap during a flamenco performance in Seville, spot cheeky barbary macaques in Gibraltar and take to...

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Ultimate Peru

From: £2655.00

Uncover the many personalities of Peru on this immersive 15-day adventure combining the newfound icons of the north with the classic must-sees down south. From the captivating streets of Lima, vent...

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One Week Sailing in Croatia - Dubrovnik to Split

From: £1179.00

Experience the old school cool of Croatia in this sailing adventure from Dubrovnik to Split. Spend days cruising around epic coastlines, stomping through thick national parks, checking out medieval...

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Tamang Heritage & Langtang Valley Trek

From: £714.00

Sacred Tibetan culture permeates every inch this expedition, seemingly touching everything in its path. The opening of the Tamang Heritage Trail, which was once an unexplored part of the Langtang N...

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Cambodia & Thailand Traveller

From: £1595.00

Touchdown in Vietnam amid the chaotic streets of Ho Chi Minh City, travel through Cambodia and down the east coast of Thailand to experience its famous beach culture. The spectacular temples of Ang...

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Beaches, Game Parks & Gorillas

From: £3585.00

Journey through the heart of East Africa and be amazed by the astounding diversity of landscapes and wildlife – verdant highlands, steamy rainforests, tropical beaches and waving grasslands that ar...

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Best of America

From: £2685.00

Travel east to west to discover the best of America. Learn about the nation’s rich history in Washington DC, head into the heart of cowboy country in Houston, Texas, and soak up some southern hospi...

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Israel & the Palestinian Territories Real Food Adventure

From: £1887.00

Discover the classic dishes and delectable delights of Israel and the Palestinian Territories on this Real Food Adventure. Savour shakshuka in Tel Aviv, learn the tricks of tahini in Nablus, break...

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Antarctic Explorer from Ushuaia 9 day

From: £4600.00

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. Embark from Ushuaia, travelling through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands to see ...

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Cruising Thailand & Malaysia Southbound - Phuket to Penang

From: £3985.00

Discover the spectacular west coast of Malaysia and Thailand on a new small-ship adventure cruise with Peregrine. Between the more popular holiday destinations of Penang and Phuket, there’s a medle...

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Copenhagen to Northern Norway

From: £3530.00

From beautiful cities that seamlessly blend historic architecture and modern design to sprawling landscapes of pristine natural beauty, Scandinavia has a lot going for it. This 15-day journey throu...

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Egypt Family Holiday

From: £652.00

Uncover the ancient mysteries and modern marvels of Egypt and see why this classic destination inspires millions of travellers each year. With an action-packed itinerary that is purpose built for f...

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Southern Japan Experience

From: £3141.00

One of Japan’s greatest attractions is its ability to offer up both the modern and traditional versions of itself. Alongside future-focused cities like Osaka and Nagasaki, there are places that hav...

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South India Real Food Adventure

From: £1156.00

Discover the incredible flavours of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala on this Real Food Adventure through South India. Dine on idli and parotta, stroll through plantations of coffee, tea and spices,...

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Cycle Tanzania

From: £2214.00

Brimming with mighty predators and birds, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are must-visits for any Tanzania trip, but safaris are only the beginning. This unique cycling adventure has you cruisi...

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Namibia Dunes - Camping

From: £495.00

The word “Namib” comes from the native tongue of the South African Nama, meaning “vast place”. In a land of giant sand dunes, sprawling clay pans and scattered mountain outcrops, no more of an adeq...

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Budapest to Rome

From: £2845.00

Grand standing capitals and quaint seaside villages, hidden mountain hamlets and a city set on water – eastern Europe covers a pretty impressive gauntlet of visitor attractions. Discover the mainst...

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Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

From: £980.00

Encounter killer whales, bears and playful sea otters on this journey into Alaska's icy, but beautiful, heart. From Anchorage to Homer, journey past boreal forests, around mountain ranges and into ...

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North Vietnam Coastal Cruising - Danang to Hanoi

From: £1925.00

Much of Vietnam’s stunning coastline, hundreds of miles long, is seen mostly by local fisherman. Small-ship adventure cruising, however, is a way of experiencing not only the must-see limestone sce...

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Cycle Northern Vietnam

From: £715.00

More than 30 million Vietnamese can't be wrong - handle-bar height gives you the best view of Vietnam! Our one week cycling tour through the north of this beautiful country provides opportunities t...

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Northern Italy Family Holiday

From: £1545.00

A place of love, history and exquisite flavours, the northern part of the former Roman Empire is a cultural heartland full of hidden treasures. Hear the song of the lapping waterways echo through t...

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Classic Borneo

From: £1313.00

Travel to Borneo and leave urban life behind. Head into Borneo's lush jungles, down scenic rivers and through the vibrant villages of beautiful Borneo. On the way, soak up stunning mountain vistas,...

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Explore Egypt

From: £870.00

Travel to Egypt and experience the history and culture on a tour that explores Cairo, cruises along the Nile and visits Luxor, Alexandria and the coastal town of Hurghada. Be humbled by the grandeu...

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India: Hike, Bike & Raft

From: £1436.00

The Uttarakhand province of Northern India is stunningly beautiful in both spirit and essence. It is here you see the harmonious balance between nature, humanity and religion, flowing in the water ...

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Real Kathmandu to Delhi

From: £548.00

Embrace your inner hippy in Kathmandu, search for wildlife in Chitwan, check out Buddha’s hometown, fall in love with Varanasi, ogle at the Taj, hang in a palace at Tordi Garh, go bazaar mad in Jai...

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Best of Switzerland

From: £2230.00

This may be one of the few neutral countries in the world, but you won't leave Switzerland feeling anything but positive about your experience. This small nation packs a big punch with friendly, no...

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Complete Central America

From: £4585.00

Discover the heart of Mexico's Aztec, Zapotec, Mayan and Spanish cultures on this journey spanning ruins, pueblos and beaches. Arrive in Mexico and travel through the mad metropolis of Mexico City ...

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Ushuaia to Santiago

From: £2217.00

An epic adventure that starts in the southernmost town of Argentina, Ushuaia, and winds through the wilds of Chile while taking in some of the best of South America's attractions. Tour Chile's Torr...

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Classic Japan

From: £3092.00

Steeped in centuries of culinary tradition, Japan is nothing less than a treasure trove of exotic cuisine, potent sake and sweet delights. From Kyoto to Tokyo, our adventure takes us into the heart...

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Complete Galapagos - (Daphne)

From: £2538.00

Discover the rich marine life, abundant bird colonies and stunning landscapes of the Galapagos Islands on this 10-day tour. Feel the rush of a panga ride to Cerro Brujo, snorkel off the coast of Is...

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Botswana Family Safari with teenagers

From: £1000.00

Embark on an action-packed, teen-friendly adventure in south-east Africa. See the thundering spectacle of Victoria Falls, say hello to some new friends at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, explore the far...

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New York to Las Vegas

From: £2020.00

Journey east to west on a great American adventure that takes in the best that this expansive country has to offer. Explore the story of a nation in its birthplace in Philadelphia and political hea...

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle from Ushuaia

From: £6200.00

Cast off from Ushuaia, Argentina, to embark on an adventure to one of the most beautiful and remote locations on the planet. Sail across the notorious Drake Passage bound for the South Shetland Isl...

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Japan Highlights

From: £1755.00

See the best of Japan on this 7-day tour. Home to sumo wrestling, geishas, karaoke and onsens, the cultural exports of this enigmatic land have long-fascinated travellers. Take in the neon-tinged n...

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Italy Family Holiday

From: £1525.00

The whole family is sure to fall in love with Italy on this 8-day adventure from the ruins of Rome to the stunning Amalfi Coast. Imagine what life was like for ancient Romans in Pompeii, wander cob...

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Best of Vietnam

From: £1364.00

Experience quintessential Vietnam on this comprehensive trip from south to north. Travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi and experience dynamic cities, tranquil backwaters, imperial ruins, faded col...

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Bishkek to Ashgabat Overland

From: £2829.00

Strategically positioned along the Silk Route, the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva were famed trading centres for the caravans that passed this way in ancient times. On this Overland trip we...

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Cruising Thailand & Malaysia: Penang to Phuket

From: £1484.00

Discover the spectacular west coast of Malaysia and Thailand on a new small-ship adventure cruise with Intrepid. Between the more popular holiday destinations of Penang and Phuket, there’s a medley...

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Explore Southern Thailand

From: £895.00

From the pearly white shorelines of Phuket’s Patong and Nai Harn beaches to the lost islands of Koh Gum, Koh Kangkaw and Koh Yeepoon, Southern Thailand offers a splendid balance between resort-like...

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Real Mexico

From: £700.00

Smash some delicious treats in Mexico City, see some of the bazillion churches in Puebla, taste the best mezcal around in Oaxaca, swing through San Cristobal, Palenque and Merida, then finish up sn...

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Borneo Family Holiday

From: £973.00

Travel to Borneo on a Family Adventure tour and discover the highlights of this incredible region; the natural wonders of tropical Sabah are many. Learn how orphaned orangutans are rehabilitated ba...

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Classic Peru

From: £1356.00

Visit South America and travel to Peru on an adventure from mountains to jungle, and seasides to great plains. Visit Peru's incredible natural and historical highlights on this awesome adventure. R...

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Highlights of Calabria & Sicily

From: £2515.00

From the pristine waters and the stalwart fortifications of Tropea, all the way to the smoke gently floating from the volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands – Calabria is a hidden gem for those who stray...

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Epic Central America

From: £2260.00

Ohhh this is the big one. A 46-day adventure enjoying everything Central America has to offer, from Mexico through to Costa Rica with all the places in between. You better Belize it. Whether you're...

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Ile Sainte-Marie Extension

From: £350.00

White-sand beaches? Swaying palms? Crystal-clear lagoons? Sainte-Marie and Iles aux Nattes are the epitome of a tropical island paradise and is just the place to unwind after a Madagascan adventure...

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Serengeti & Ngorongoro Safari

From: £3135.00

Venture to the depths of the enormous caldera of Ngorongoro, a wildlife hotbed that's unlike anywhere else on Earth, before heading to Serengeti National Park, home to the Masai people and an incre...

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Real Myanmar

From: £832.00

Not all that long ago, many parts of Myanmar were still off-limits to travellers. Lucky for you, that’s no longer the case, although outside the cities you'll find large parts of the country remain...

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Vietnam Family Holiday for solo parents

From: £950.00

With great food, lush scenery and lots of warm, friendly locals, the whole family will fall in love with Vietnam. Sail beautiful Halong Bay. Delight at water puppets in Hanoi. Learn about rich empe...

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Essential Peru

From: £1440.00

Peru for the wild at heart. Tune into Lima’s lowdown on a guided walking tour, then do the same in Cusco before hitting the Inca Trail. Explore Ollantaytambo, summit Dead Woman’s Pass and catch Mac...

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Thailand Explorer

From: £1735.00

Northern Thailand is a treasure-trove filled with glittering temples, ancient ruins, exotic markets and sumptuous foods. Explore the capital of Siam's golden age at Sukhothai, visit the bustling ma...

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Best of Vietnam & Cambodia

From: £1359.00

Join us as we travel into the heart and soul of Indochina. Starting off in Vietnam, cruise through dramatic karst scenery on a boat tour of Halong Bay, step back into the world of the country's las...

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Incredible Ethiopia

From: £1790.00

Travel to Ethiopia and discover a beautiful country, barely touched by modern society. It’s an incredible combination of history, tradition, culture and nature. From 3 million-year-old fossilised h...

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Machu Picchu Explorer (Original)

From: £665.00

Discover South America’s ancient ruins, explore colonial sights and wander through vibrant markets to get a real taste of Andean village life in the Sacred Valley. Take a winding train journey thro...

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Essential North India

From: £360.00

Ride a rickshaw in Delhi, brush up on your bargaining skills in Chandni Chowk and have a spiritual experience in Varanasi. Snap the ultimate selfie in front of the Taj Mahal, see pink in Jaipur and...

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Arba Minch to Gondar

From: £3064.00

Discover fascinating places and beautiful scenery on this journey across the heart of Ethiopia's countryside. Experience a land like no other, from the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and the untouc...

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Christmas Markets of Central Europe

From: £1225.00

Indulge the senses by exploring the best of Central Europe’s festive market scene. Feel the bustling energy of Munich’s charismatic Christmas markets, savour the smell of spicy festive delights in ...

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Holy Land Highlights

From: £2060.00

This tour is much more than just a pilgrimage. Entrenched in the ancient but emphatically modern in outlook, nominally Jewish but with oodles of Muslim and Christian influence, the complexities of ...

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Kazakhstan Adventure

From: £1905.00

Beginning in cosmopolitan Almaty, join us on this exploration through Kazakhstan, from the shrunken Aral Sea to the ancient city of Turkistan, the Silk Road portals of Sayram and Otrar and the maje...

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Balkan Adventure

From: £1485.00

Welcome to the Balkans - where East meets West and new merges almost seamlessly with old. Over the centuries people have travelled to this region of Eastern Europe for its fertile soil, natural res...

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North Morocco Adventure

From: £492.00

Immerse yourself in the exotic colours and cultures that define Morocco. From the imperial cities of Meknes and Rabat to the whitewashed town of Chefchaouen, the rich history and traditions of this...

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Bite-size Break Santiago

From: £515.00

Suss out the sights and delights of Chile’s sophisticated capital with this short but sweet slice of Santiago. Uncover the buzzing bar scene, brush up on your salsa skills (Cueca brava) and then ex...

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Iran Express

From: £1421.00

Embark on an express journey through the mysterious world of Iran. Not only is this fascinating country a world apart from what’s often represented in the media – it’s a delight to visit in the win...

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Antarctic Explorer: From Buenos Aires 11 days

From: £5400.00

Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica and explore the unique conditions at the end of the Earth. Embark from Ushuaia, travelling through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands to see ...

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Gorillas & Game Parks

From: £2114.00

A close encounter with gentle giants on a gorilla safari in Uganda is an extraordinary African experience that will always stay with you – and it's just one of the many wildlife spottings this unfo...

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Serengeti Trail

From: £916.00

Africa is truly the cradle of life. Roam the famous Serengeti National Park, nearly 15,000 sq km of rolling savanna that shelters an astounding array of animals from miniature dik-dik antelopes to ...

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West Africa Overland

From: £6023.00

The quintessential West Africa overland trip, this tour from Dakar to Ghana leaves no cultural, natural or historical stone unturned on its eastbound journey across the continent. Very much off the...

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Best of Central Europe

From: £1418.00

Experience the best of this old-world region on a journey through enchanting Central Europe. Travel to Austria and be immersed in the country's superb musical heritage and step back in time in the ...

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Sacred Land of the Incas

From: £1816.00

Travel to Peru and discover the secret land of the Incas as you journey along the coastal shores of Lima, travel beneath the Amazon Jungle's lush canopy, past the llama-filled plains of the Sacred ...

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Thailand: Hike, Bike & Kayak

From: £1168.00

Fancy some outdoor activity in a tropical paradise? Now's your chance as we launch into the remote highlands of Northern Thailand from Bangkok, one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities. Travel into s...

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Inca Quarry Trail Extension

From: £785.00

Retrace the steps of the ancient Inca civilisation on the Inca Quarry Trail hike. Explore Cusco's maze of ruins and cobblestone streets, and discover the fascinating colonial and Inca histories tha...

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Ultimate Peru, Argentina & Brazil

From: £4465.00

There are many sides to South America, from the energy of the cities, the beauty of the lansdcapes and the spirit of its people. Discover it all on this trip that winds through the Inca heartlands ...

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Epic Mexico to Costa Rica

From: £1854.00

If it’s Central America you want, it’s Central America you’ll get! This super-cali-fragil-istic-EPIC-ali-docious adventure kicks off in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen and snakes through Belize, Antigua,...

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Galapagos & Peru Adventure

From: £4135.00

Visit South America and travel to the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater, is the drawcard of the remote Galapagos Islands. Discover unique ...

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4WD Broome to Darwin Overland

From: £1030.00

Experience the wild and rugged beauty of Australia's northwest tip on this 4WD journey through the Kimberleys. A region of breathtaking natural scenery, rich brooding landscapes and plentiful iconi...

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Experience Madagascar

From: £1635.00

Lying adjacent to the east coast of Africa, Madagascar is home to stunning mountains, spectacular rainforests and white, sandy beaches. The island protects incredible numbers of endangered lemurs, ...

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Vic Falls to Stone Town

From: £1026.00

Dip into the incredible culture, wildlife, sights, sounds and way of life that every stop in Africa offers. Whether you’re watching sparse land give way to incredible greenery as the savanna turns ...

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Mexico City: Day of the Dead Comfort

From: £815.00

Join in the celebrations of one of the world's most bizarre cultural institutions – Mexico's Day of the Dead – on this special festival-themed trip running over the Halloween period. Visit the muse...

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Vietnam Real Food Adventure

From: £1139.00

Chop, slice and eat your way through Vietnam, experiencing one of the freshest and most fragrant cuisines on the planet. From pho and ancient buildings in Hanoi, banh khoai and imperial citadels in...

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Okavango & Beyond

From: £1230.00

Soak up the sights and sounds of peaceful waterholes, meandering creeks and mighty rivers on this refreshing African adventure. Some of the continent's most iconic animals call Southern Africa home...

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Real Turkey

From: £680.00

Start in Istanbul before heading off to explore Gallipoli, Eceabat and Ayvalik (think cobblestones and cafes).  Next up you’ve got Selcuk, Pamukkale and Fethiye for amazeballs Greco-Roman ruins, he...

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Adelaide to Darwin Overland

From: £1770.00

Embark on a South Australia to Northern Territory adventure, from Adelaide to Darwin, taking in the region's biggest and best-known drawcards along the way. Drive the famous Oodnadatta Track, strol...

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North India Highlights

From: £1310.00

Visit India and explore the highlights of the north on this adventure tour from Delhi to Varanasi. Discover the 'Pink City' of Jaipur, witness the Mughal splendours of Delhi and Agra, and soak up t...

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Big Apple to Big Easy

From: £835.00

Cut through the heart of the gigantic United States and hit the open road between two of its most iconic cities – New York and New Orleans. Snaking through the jaw-dropping Appalachian Mountains, v...

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Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland

From: £6200.00

Dramatic coastlines, glimmering fjords, wild creatures that take your breath away – the three Arctic islands of this 13-day trip are filled with sights that invigorate all the senses. The Arctic is...

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Best of Peru, Argentina & Brazil

From: £4040.00

There are many sides to South America, from the energy of the cities, the beauty of the lansdcapes and the spirit of its people. Discover it all on this trip that winds through the Inca heartlands ...

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North Pole: Journey to the top of the World

From: £24300.00

If there’s one place you can really feel on top of the world, the North Pole is it. Few people ever have the surreal experience of seeing the world from its northernmost point. This is one trip wit...

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Kenya & Tanzania Safari Under Canvas

From: £5350.00

This trip delivers adventure and comfort in equal measures. Travel through these welcoming nations, past stunning scenery, tiny farming villages and modern cities abuzz with activity. Get a dose of...

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Lima to Quito

From: £1401.00

Jump onboard this Overland tour between two of South America's most iconic cities - Lima and Quito. Reaching along the back of the continent, discover places of immense natural beauty and explore r...

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Croatia Sailing Adventure - Split to Dubrovnik

From: £1124.00

Become immersed in Croatia's natural beauty while sailing the stunning Adriatic coast. Mix lazy days of swimming and beach going with time spent exploring medieval fortresses, sitting in lively res...

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