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6 things that made us laugh in 2011

There wasn't a lot to laugh about in 2011. But here are six things that put a smile on our dials

Goat in a jumper (9avin)

Flah mob Nepal1. 13 flashmobs in unlikely places 

From Madagascar to Mumbai, flashmobs are moving beyond the affluent West to more exotic locations. We collected 13 from the far-flung corners of the globe: Ladyboys paying homage to Kylie Minogue on the streets of Bangkok, a random rhumba in a bank in Spain and Backstreet Boys inspired boogies in Vietnam and the Ukraine. More here

Sand too white?2. 20 astonishing holiday complaints

A survey published earlier this year by Thomas Cook and ABTA revealed 20 of the most ridiculous complaints made by holiday-makers to their travel agents.

From the man who complained that a rampant elephant in an African Game Lodge made him feel 'inadequate' on his honeymoon, to the woman who thought she should have been warned that mosquitoes bite, you're sure to find something that will make you chuckle. More here

Knife and Fork3. 16 ridiculous questions guides get asked

Wildlife expert Mark Carwardine took to the stage at the Wanderlust World Guide Awards and entertained the audience with a selection of hilarious questions travellers ask guides. Would lightning be faster if it didn't zig-zag? Why don't islands float away? Does the Canadian flag come in other colours? You'll find more, much more, here

P J O'Rourke4. An interview with P J O'Rourke

In 1989, P J O'Rourke turned the genre of travel writing on its head with the release of Holidays in Hell, reporting from troubled spots around the world and subjecting them to blackly comic treatment. Exactly 21 years later he released a sequel of sorts and Peter Moore found him as sharp – and funny – as ever. More here

Goat in a jumper5. A goat in a jumper

A cracking shot taken by myWanderlust member 9avin on the streets of Bundi in Rajasthan. 9avin suggested that the goat had been to GAP for Kids. Others suggested it was a Jean Paul Goatier. A rib tickler none-the-less. More here

Football kids6. Football related mishaps

The experiences section of myWanderlust is full of amusing tales from the road, but two really took our fancy this year. And both, as it turns out, were football related.

Darad took part in an impromptu game of street football in the lanes of Cairo and ended up kicking the ball into the face of an Orthodox priest. Shouldn't laugh but we did. More here

Sergeant Pluck's football skills proved just as wayward. His attempts to 'tap a frozen dog poo' from the footpath to the gutter in Alaska saw him end up in Fairbanks A&E. He can laugh about it now but at the time it was serious. Well, not really. More here

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