December 2023/January 2024

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The Future of Travel

As Wanderlust marks its 30th anniversary, we gaze three decades into the future to see how new technologies, climate change and shifting attitudes will affect the way we travel the world…

30 Years of Wanderlust

We look back at how Wanderlust and travel itself have changed in the past 30 years

Impressionist France

Head to the French regions and cities that gave birth to the 19th-century’s Impressionist art movement to see what inspired the artists who lived it 150 years ago


Half a century on after it first opened up to tourists, we pay a visit to a nation still attempting to keep tradition, sustainability and, above all, happiness at the heart of life

Bosnia & Herzegovina

While the legacy of the Bosnian War still hangs over much of this Balkan nation, you’ll find a whole other side to life here in its historic towns, beautiful countryside and warm welcome

Capital Region, USA

Sixty years after the March on Washington and Dr Martin Luther King’s era-defining ‘I Have a Dream…’ speech, Black history is finally being told across the Capital Region 

Sierra Leone

Why rediscovering the histories of those abducted from West Africa into a life of enslavement is bringing more than solace to modern-day visitors and pilgrims to Freetown – it offers hope



Dispatches: Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef

Urban Spotlight: Santiago and Valparaíso, Chile

WanderSleeps: Singapore stays

Museum Cities: Madrid, Spain

World Heritage: Trogir, Croatia

European Break: Puglia, Italy

World Food: Hāngī in New Zealand

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