June/July 2007

Issue number: 88

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Everest Base Camp, Nepal; South Africa's Eastern Cape; Voluntourism; Albania; Visa advice; Asian meditation retreats; Drive Coastal California; Salvador, Brazil; Alternative spas, Estonia; Abseil into Champagne's vineyard; Go wild in Knoydart, Scotland; Travel Blueprint: Libya

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Wildlife may be unpredictable, but this is becoming a habit

Blame climate change. Blame tourism. But now the wildlife are taking holidays of their own, says Mark Carwardine

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Retirement is not just about petunias - there is shark wrestling, too

(Not so) young, dumb and full of a big pension – why are the over-50s ditching Eastbourne and going extreme?

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What's in the water?

Local drinking water isn’t always the microbe soup that some imagine. We look at the most common travel scenarios and how best to drink through them

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Land of the little folk

William Gray tells how to wow the kids with hopes of fairies, trolls and lava flows

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Underwater photography

There’s more to underwater photography than keeping your camera dry. Here we dive in to get the best shots in the big blue

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Everest Base Camp: Practical tips

Wanderlust's top tips for trekking to Everest Base Camp

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South Africa's Eastern Cape

Lyn Hughes explores the twisting woodland paths, mountains, wildlife reserves and wild coastline of South Africa's Eastern Cape

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Is voluntourism doing any good? Yes!

The 'Different Travel' organisations explains how it is unlike other ethical tour operators, and how it has facilitated over £50,000 of investment into community regeneration projects in the past two years

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Is voluntourism doing any good? No!

With the help of Dr Kate Simpson, Wanderlust takes a first look at how to be an ethical volunteer

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Trekking in Albania

For years a locked-down communist state, today Albania offers wild landscapes, lovely beaches – and the chance to have breakfast between Miss Serbia and Miss Madagascar

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How can it take nine hours just to get a visa?

Wanderlust shares some tips on getting that all important travel visa, and lifts the lid on the results of its great visa survey

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Roads to enlightenment

A journey of reflection and enlightenment at Suan Mokkh, a monastery in the southern Thai jungle

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Redwood National Park, California

John Vlahides goes tree hugging in the Redwood National Park on the far-north California coast

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Libya Travel Blueprint: 4 breathtaking itineraries

Once the most desirable posting in the Roman Empire, this unspoilt swathe of north Africa is finally reopening to visitors. Our travel blueprint is your guide to its stunning classical cities and deep, rolling Sahara

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Dispatches: the other Iraq

A hidden Iraq lies behind the headlines: a land of vibrant souls, snowy peaks and the warmest of welcomes

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Capoeira and Candomble in Salvador, Brazil

The legacy of the slave trade lives on in Bahia province in Brazil's north-east – discover black saints, voodoo ceremonies and ego-shattering martial art-dances

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A bizarre spa weekend in Estonia

From chocolate therapy in the capital city, Tallinn to smelly mud baths in the beautiful town of Haapsalu, these are the spa treatments on offer in Estonia...

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