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Coast-to-Coast Canada

From the forests of Nova Scotia, to Quebec's St Lawrence River, Ontario's Lakes, Churchill's polar bears, Jasper National Park, the Canadian Rockies and wilds of British Columbia - let the train take the strain with our expert guide to crossing the country.

25 Best Historical Hikes

Join us on a walk through time as we take you on a history of the world in 25 walks. Featuring: USA, Australia, Namibia, Iceland, UK, China, Guatemala, Italy, Israel, Peru, Colombia, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa and Nepal


Bears, lynx and snakes - we head into the woods, up mountains and over lakes to go in search of the wild residents of three of Macedonia's national parks


Fancy a great escape? Check out the new walking trail on Australia's most famous island, rich in convict history, dramatic coastal views and wilderness - with some added comfort...

Slow Morocco

Skip the bustle of the tourist-heavy sites, for a self-imposed slow journey through the 4 Imperial Cities of Marrakech, Fez, Meknes and Rabat

Big Cat Man: Jonathan Scott

With not one, but two new books coming out we chat to Big Cat Diaries Jonathan Scott about living with African lions, reserve politics and being 'crapped on' by cheetahs

Plus... Why 3-D travel apps can enhance your adventures; How to grab a travel bargain; a new discovery in Petra; First 24 hours in Manila, Philippines; Discovering the wilder side of the Suffolk coast; Taking it easy in Amsterdam; Duffel bags - tested, and lots, lots more...

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Short break Essaouria
Six Morocco eco-adventures
Under £250: Chase some sun, Morocco


Top 6 walks in Tasmania
Walking the Tarkine, Tasmania
Motion on the ocean: Kayaking in Tasmania
Hiking across Maria Island, Tasmania

Articles from this issue

Jonathan Scott: Big Cat Man

From struggling wildlife artist to TV’s go-to big cat expert... We chat to Jonathan Scott about living with lions, reserve politics, being ‘crapped on’ by cheetahs, and his two new books.

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Ghosts of the forest: searching for wildlife in Macedonia’s national parks

Bears, lynx and wild boar await intrepid visitors to the mountainous forests of travel’s newest hotspot: the national parks of Macedonia

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Funky Old Medinas: a slow trip through Morocco's Imperial Cities

Souks, snakes, mosques and a bit of baking. Graeme Green gets to know the 4 Imperial Cities of Morocco (Marrakech, Fez, Meknes and Rabat) on a laidback tour of the country

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Hiking the new Three Capes Track through Australia's wild Tasman Peninsula

As a new trail opens up one of Tasmania’s wildest beauty spots, Sarah Baxter explore the island’s convict history and bright future

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First 24 hours in Manila, The Philippines

The Philippines' capital, Manila, has never enjoyed the saintliest of reputations, but amid the traffic chaos and commercialism lies an ambitious city rich in history and character, finds Mark Stratton

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10 of the best trips with an expert

From photography to painting, stargazing to wildlife, having an expert guide can take travel experiences to the next level. Here are some of the best new expert-led trips...

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Canada's greatest rail journeys

2017 sees Canada celebrate 150 years of confederation, but it was the railways that truly opened it up. Here are 6 incredible rail journeys to really appreciate this vast, wild and beautiful country

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