October 2013

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October 2013 issue • On sale from 19 September

What's in the October issue of Wanderlust? It's a mystery...

Mysteries worth travelling for: we unearth 24 of the world's most mysterious places: from Easter Island to the Gobi Desert, Costa Rica's Pacific coast to Oman's lost city

Madagascar: join us as we go in search of the incredible (and rather ugly) aye-aye

Japan: follow us beneath the waves to explore the Atlantis of the East...

Cambodia: discover the newest lost city among the jungles of Siem Reap

Peru: extraterrestrial airfield or just amazing artwork? Journey to the Nazca Lines to get some answers

PLUS: Turkey's Gobekli Tepe, mysterious Britain, fairytale Germany, Sydney, Jakarta... and much, much more!

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