Claire Boobbyer

Claire Boobbyer is a travel writer, editor, and photographer. Ever since she was a one-year-old baby, and her best friend was a monkey in Zambia, she’s been on the move and addicted to travel. Although Claire’s been bitten by a piranha in Bolivia, and she caught a flesh-eating tropical disease in Peru, Latin America is her favourite part of the world. She returns again, again and again. 

The next stop is almost always Havana! 

Claire has written about Cuba, Guatemala, Laos and Vietnam for Wanderlust magazine, as well as for other magazines and newspapers. She also writes guidebooks for Footprint, Frommer’s, Rough Guide, Michelin and Dorling Kindersley.

To read about Claire’s love affair with Cuba and her writing and photography work elsewhere, see: and Follow Claire on Twitter @claireboobbyer