The world's strangest flags and why we love them

National flags are meant to distill the core values of a country. They don't always get it right but we love them all the same. Is your favourite amongst them?

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Guam flag (

National flag of Guam (

1. Guam

The only flag in the world designed to look like a really tacky souvenir t-shirt.

National flag of Kyrgyzstan (

National flag of Kyrgyzstan (

2. Kyrgyzstan

The only flag in the world featuring a flaming Pétanque ball.

National flag of Central African Republic (

National flag of Central African Republic (

3. Central African Republic

The only flag in the world made from Cuisenaire rods.

National flag of North Marianas Islands (

National flag of Northern Marianas Islands (

4. Northern Marianas Islands

The only flag in the world featuring clip art. And a mysterious hooded person turning their back on the world.

National flag of Mozambique (

National flag of Mozambique (

5. Mozambique

The only flag in the world to feature a hoe, an AK-47 and a book – the building blocks of any nation.

National flag of Bermuda (

National flag of Bermuda (

6. Bermuda

The only flag in the world to feature a sinking ship.

The national flag of Dominica (

National flag of Dominica (

7. Dominica

All hail the purple parrot!

Here are Wanderlust's favourite flags. And why ...


National flag of St Lucia

National flag of St Lucia (

St Lucia

Because it looks like the Star Fleet emblem - Heidi Hodgkins.

National flag of Canada

National flag of Canada (


Because the maple leaf reminds me of maple syrup which in turn reminds me of PANCAKES - Alex Gregg.

National flag of Wales (

National flag of Wales (


Because it has a dragon on it. How kick-ass is that?! - Phoebe Smith.

National flag of Albania (

National flag of Albania (


As designer I'm drawn by the strong graphic appearance of the black double-headed eagle on the red background. Who am I kidding?  I like this flag as it reminds me of the mythical liver bird that appears in Liverpool FC's emblem - Graham Berridge.

National flag of Bhutan (

National flag of Bhutan (


Because I think this dragon would beat Wales in a has got magic orbs!!! - Kevin Rawlins.

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