A line of Japanese vending machines
Blog Words : Weird@Wanderlust | 19 April

7 crazy Japanese vending machines

Whatever you've got a yen for, in Japan there's a machine that will sell it to you

1. Eggs

Run by chickens for chickens.

 Flower Vending Machine

2. Flowers

Because not everyone has access to a petrol station forecourt.


3. Crepes

Who needs a French chef, when you have a refrigerated machine?

 Drinks with Meg Ryan

4. Drinks with Meg Ryan

Your choice of beverage. Served by a machine bearing Meg Ryan's beaming countenance.


5. Lingerie

The used underpants may be an urban myth, but more practical underwear is available should you get caught out.

 Beer vending machine

6. Beer

For when your local bottle shop spots your fake ID.

 Party Suoply Vending Machine

7. Party supplies

For when you forget to buy that nurse's uniform your wife asked for.

 Playboy Coffee Vending Machine

8. Playboy coffee

Guaranteed to keep you up all night.

 Fruit Vending Machine

9. Fruit

Just another fruit machine that doesn't pay out.