6 top places to visit in Southern Patagonia

Planning a trip to the ends of the Earth? We've highlighted some of the top things you shouldn't miss when exploring Southern Patagonia...

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1. Beagle Channel

Cormorants in the Beagle Channel (Shutterstock)

Cormorants in the Beagle Channel (Shutterstock)

Stretching for more than 240km through Tierra del Fuego, this channel teems with marine life, including sea lions, fur seals, dolphins, penguins and several species of whale. It gets its name from a British ship called Beagle, best known for carrying Charles Darwin around the world. The iconic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse can also be found here.

2. Cerro Bandera

View from Bandera hill on Navarino Island (Shutterstock)

View from Bandera hill on Navarino Island (Shutterstock)

Located on Navarino Island on the south side of the Beagle Chanel, Cerro Bandera is a large hill which takes around half a day to climb and descend. After a steep but relatively easy climb to its summit, hikers are rewarded with superb views of Puerto Williams, the Dientes de Navarino, Beagle Channel and the snow-covered mountains that line the Argentine coast of Isla Grande. It's also known as Flag Mountain, due to the Chilean flag places at the top. Some people leave rocks at the top to prove they were there, but we think it's best to leave it how it was found.

3. Museo Antropológico Martín Gusinde

This modern museum in Puerto Williams is the southernmost museum in the entire world. Museo Antropológico Martín Gusinde provides an insight into the history of Tierra del Fuego and the societies and cultures of its indigenous peoples - the Yagáns. Browse ancient artefacts, maps and photographs, plus see original images and text from when Puerto Williams was first discovered. 

4. Puerto Toro

Founded in 1892 during the Tierra del Fuego gold rush, tiny Puerto Toro is the most southerly permanent settlement on Earth. Home to a handful of centolla fishermen and their families, it is only reachable by boat. It's most known today for its giant king crabs called 'centollas'. 

5. Villa Ukika

On the eastern edge of Puerto Williams, this small Yagán community of only 50 people is also home to a small community centre and Kipa-Akar, a replica of a traditional house that sells arts and crafts. 

6. Ushuaia

The Argentine City of Ushuaia (Shutterstock)

The Argentine City of Ushuaia (Shutterstock)

This Argentine city is the gateway to Tierra del Fuego National Park and the Tren del Fin del Mundo, the world’s southernmost railway. It also has a fascinating museum, The Maritime Museum of Ushuaia, located in the former Prison of Ushuaia. There's also a selection of fine restaurants; Kalma Resto serves fine crab and octopus dishes, while Kaupé has a great seafood experience with views of the bay.

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