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7 crazy gadgets for travelling germaphobes

Thanks to these ridiculous inventions you don't have to let your mysophobia stop you from seeing the world

Travel Bidet

1. Travel Bidet

Let’s face it. Compared to your immaculately clean bathroom, the hygiene in rest rooms in the rest of the world leave a lot to be desired. But thanks to Sanicare’s Travel Bidet you’ll be as fresh as a daisy.

This unique personal hygiene system makes cleansing more available and convenient for frequent travellers. It also comes equipped with three multifunctional nozzles, each with very particular purposes. Just make sure you read the manual before you use it. Choosing the wrong nozzle can have serious consequences...

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Mosquito Repeller

2. Wearable Mosquito Repeller

It’s all very well lighting coils or plugging something into a socket. But what about when you want to leave the room?

Introducing the wearable Mosquito Repeller. It straps to your belt, repelling mosquitoes – and cool people – within a 15ft radius. Anywhere and everywhere you go.

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UV Disinfection

3. UV Disinfection Light Scanner

The Nano-UV Disinfection Light Scanner, by Zadro Products, eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, mould, fungus and virus surface contaminants in only 10-seconds, 30-seconds in backpacker hostels.

Wave it over virtually any type of surface – from toilets on Indian trains to seats on the New York subway – to create an almost germ-free environment. Not totally germ-free. And let’s face it, it’s the 0.01% of germs this thing won’t kill that you’ve got to worry about.

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Hotel Inspector

4. Portable Hotel Room Inspector

This portable black light can be scanned over surfaces to detect blood stains, vomit, faeces, semen, urine and saliva, just like the ones they use on CSI. But seriously, do you really want to know what previous guests have been up to on your bed?

Ignorance is bliss. If it really worries you, maybe spend the 20 bucks this thing costs to upgrade to a better room.

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5. iStraw Emergency Water Filter

You’re in the middle of the Sahara and a friendly Bedouin offers you a sip of water from his camel-skin water bag. You could break out the iodine tablets and insult your host. Or you could pull out your iStraw, the ultimate in portable water filtration.

The slim-line iStraw filters out any waterborne bacteria and protozoa present in Bedouin water bags, as well as local water or ice cubes, should he offer you them. Best of all, unlike water purification tablets, the iStraw leaves no aftertaste, so you still get to savour those full-bodied camel skin notes.

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Food Sniffer

6. SensorFreshQ Food Sniffing Device

Ever wondered if that side of lamb hanging in the window of that African butcher shop is past its use-by date? Whip out your SensorFreshQ Food Safety Tester and you’ll know in less than a minute.

The SensorFreshQ ‘sniffs’ the air above meat and poultry, detecting bacteria-produced gases to determine meat freshness. Over 2,000 air samples are taken in a minute and the results are colour-coded for easy recognition. A green light indicates the meat is fresh. Yellow means it’s OK, but not for long. Red means walk on by.

Sadly, the SensorFreshQ can only confirm if uncooked meat is fresh. It can’t tell you what you really want to know – whether the guy cooking it has washed his hands or not.

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Bacon Bandages

7. Bacon Strip Adhesive Bandages

Bacon Strip adhesive bandages not only keep your cuts covered and clean, they also make it look like there’s a piece of fried pig on your arm. Perfect for taunting your travelling companion, who is hankering for a bacon buttie after six months on the road.

Travelling through Muslim countries? Not a problem. The adhesive bandages also come in fried-egg, sushi, beef and pickle varieties. Indeed, with a little forethought you could pack a set of adhesive bandages to match any food culture you're travelling through.

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