February/March 2024

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2024 Hot List

From tracking gorillas in the Congo Basin to chasing K-culture in South Korea, our editors pick 24 dream destinations for 2024


As a major new exhibition on Caravaggio’s final days hits London, we head to Malta to trace the artist’s time on an island where he was on the run for murder


Can cultural tourism help keep the traditional ways of Fiji’s iTaukei communities alive and offer a greener way of travelling the islands?

Rhode Island, USA

With TV shows finding rich drama in the high society of America’s Gilded Age, we roam the mansions and mills of their old New England playground


While much of the Caribbean’s forest has been lost to development, tiny Tobago hides a conservation secret dating back to the 1700s

Simon Reeve…

on why he’s headed for the wilderness 


Why homestays in Hagi offer both a chance to see a different side of Japan and provide much-needed income to an ageing population

Arctic Canada

As the sea ice breaks up around Baffin Island, can we spot one of the High Arctic’s most magical creatures: the narwhal?


Sustainable Travel: Why sustainable aviation fuel has a long way to go

WanderSleeps: Lower your carbon footprint in West Sweden

Wildlife Encounters: How Malawi’s parks bounced back

Departures: Find inner peace on these pilgrim trails

Set-Jetting: Explore the world of Dune in Jordan, Italy and Norway

British Break: The artistic legacy of East Sussex’s bohemian set

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