October 2007

Issue number: 90

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China special: Planning your trip, Tracking pandas in Shaanxi, Beijing secrets, Indigenous Qinghai; Overlanding in Burkina Faso; Caucasus in Georgia; Travel icon: Uluru; Sailing on Peruvian Amazon; Eclipse and meteor spotting; Weekends in Ireland; Desert riding in Tunisia; Seville, Spain

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'My Galápagos rescue plan', Mark Carwardine

Mark Carwardine finds the Galápagos Islands as rewarding as ever, but now far busier than is good for them

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Chinese Medicine

China is vast and the health issues many and varied. Here we help assess the risks for travellers

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The digital revolution: photograph manipulation

Taking a top shot is all about natural creativity, but a few digital tweaks can be vital in turning an average image into a breathtaking one

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Nomads' land: Qinghai, China

China's wild western Qinghai region is the birthplace of the Dalai Lama, the source of the Yangzi river, and home to myriad minority groups

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Minority groups in China

There are nearly 60 minority peoples in today's China. Amar Grover discovers how their unique cultures and traditions offer an insight into ancient lifestyles

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Travel in China: frequently asked questions

From climate to etiquette, language to trains, China expert Simon Lewis tackles the commonest questions from China first-timers

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12 Gaelic weekends in Ireland

A month-by-month round up of the best places to eat, drink and be merry in Ireland (including some of the Emerald Isle's best-kept secrets)

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Desert horse-riding in Tunisia

Our thrill-seeking reporter takes an earthly approach as he crosses the tunisian desert astride his lucky Arabian steed

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Georgia: where worlds collide

Georgia shares a patron saint with England, a favourite son with Russia and a language with absolutely no one. Walk the line on your own Georgian adventure

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Beijing's top 10 experiences

China's capital can be overwhelming: get orientated with our guide to the city's essential Top 10

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Travel Icon: Uluru

Better known as Ayers Rock, this cultural highlight of Australia remains as awe-inspiring up-close as you would imagine

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