75 november 2005

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Mark Carwardine's seven wonders

Mark Carwardine looks back over his seven favourite wildlife experiences - and his newest is the Galápagos Islands

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Having a whale of a time

Where are the best places for a young family to watch whales? William Gray has the answers, and the memories

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How to cope with back-home blues

All great trips must come to an end – Dr Jane Wilson helps you get through the lows that follow your holiday highs

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Fly without fear

If you were offered a free first-class air-ticket to anywhere, with a five-star hotel on arrival and £50,000 spending money, chances are you’d be delighted... Or would you?

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6 Petra highlights

You could spend a week here and still never see it all, but if time is tight then head for the unmissables, says Matthew Teller

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The Galápagos Islands

What better place than the Galápagos Islands for a Festival of Wildlife? Lyn Hughes joins the experts for a different take on this unique archipelago

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The complete guide to Petra, Jordan

Heart of an empire, cultural crossroads and hidden for centuries... Matthew Teller looks back to the glories of Petra's heyday and reveals insider secrets

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Angkor Wat: temple by temple

The world's largest religious monument now draws tourist numbers to match; find out what the locals make of it all and ways of getting off the temple trail

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Hiking the Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca Trail isn't always easy but the mountain scenery is spectacular and the trek will make your first glimpse of Machu Picchu all the sweeter

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