74 october 2005

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Africa's highest peaks, Kilimanjaro; Isle Royale, USA; Vietnam; Mayan Belize; Quickfix, Lille; Yangshuo, China; Costa Verde, Brazil; Wild World, Alaska and whaling news; Travel with kids, Trekking for little legs

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When you need a doctor

Some symptoms can't be cured with your first-aid kit. Here we explain which travel illnesses need an expert's help

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Tony Wheeler on Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a misunderstood land with an ancient history and culture – it's definitely not one to miss

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Dispatches: Nauru

Rob Crossan pays a visit to the world's smallest independent republic as it tries to get itself out of one of the world's biggest economic pickles

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Everyman's mountain? Climbing Kilimanjaro

At 5,895m, Kilimanjaro is the world's highest peak that you can climb without technical skills. But could you climb it?

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Mayan Belize

The caves and jungles of Belize harbour both ancient Mayan ruins and the villages of the modern-day Maya

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Chinese whispers: rural life near Yangshuo

The scenic town of Yangshuo may be firmly on the backpacker trail, but the surrounding countryside is still thrillingly quiet…

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Kilimanjaro Q&A

Wanderlust's Deputy Editor answers all those niggling questions about climbing Kilimanjaro

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Vietnam Travel Blueprint: 4 ways to soak up the sights

Nature has blessed Vietnam with soaring mountains, luscious rice fields and one cracker of a coastline

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Get paid to travel! How to become a travel writer

Find out how to turn that dream job into reality, as we catch up with industry experts Lyn Hughes and William Gray for their top tips on getting into travel writing...

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