71 april-may 2005

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Kutch, India; Guyana, South America; Cape crusade, South Africa; Hiking in Honshu, Japan; Japan temple stays; Trek planner; Learn to dive, Dominica; Dry land, Dominica; Stopover: Hong Kong; Walk with animals, Zambia; The Burma debate; Photo tips: movement

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Florida foxtrot

Mark Carwardine says manatees are 'among the friendliest animals on earth'. He should know: they keep hugging him

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Urban family

City breaks don't have to end just because you have a family; you just need to plan better, writes William Gray

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How to cope with snakes

Even Indiana Jones quails in the face of snakes, but there's no need to fear...

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Italians and snakes

Nadia Attura faces her fears as Italy goes snake crazy

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Kutch: a land apart from India

David Abram ventures to the isolated region of Kutch – brought to the world's attention by the 2011 earthquake – and finds a different enclave of India

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Land of the giants: wildlife in Guyana

Guyana has it all: from waterfalls to wildlife, discover a country that is big on everything

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Learn to dive and dry off in Dominica

Expand your travel horizons by exploring the underwater world of Dominica...dry off and explore the island's above-water attractions

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South Africa Travel Blueprint: 5 unmissable trips

With its chic cities, magnificent landscapes and teeming wildlife, it can be difficult to decide how to spend our time in South Africa. Fear no longer - our guide will help you choose...

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