68 december 2004-january 2005

Issue number: 68

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Gulf Islands, Canada; Qatar; Ecuador trip planner; Stopover: Kuala Lumpur; Photo special: Japan; Travel more, pay less; Homestays, New Zealand; Safari special; Festival of Wildlife, Kenya; Interview with David Shepherd; Photo tips: wildlife; Conservation in Zambia

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Urban wildlife

Sometimes you don't have to travel far to find fabulous wildlife. In Monterey, California, it's right in the heart of the city

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How to avoid parasites

Of all the unpleasant, debilitating tropical diseases lurking to infect the traveller, bilharzia is probably the one that causes most confusion. Here we explain

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Tony Wheeler on Europe

Whether it's France, Spain, Monaco, Germany or England, there's lots in Europe to give you stories to tell for years to come

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Secrets of Qatar's Sands

Jeremy Head attempts to get behind the veil of mysterious Qatar

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The ultimate safari planner

Our essential guide to tracking down the safari that's right for you

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Zambia, the Conservation nation

Go deep into the bush with Zambia's anti-poaching scouts and you'll find a country eager to save its animals

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