56 march 2003

Issue number: 56

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Curaçao, Caribbean; Travel Blueprint: Plan the perfect trip to Madagascar; Wild Malawi; Low-cost city break, Italy by budget airline; Peloponnese, Greece; Footprint guide: Cape Town; Chile, The alternative Route 66; Ten great road trips; Cycling through vineyards, Loir Valley; Chris Stewart, Postcard from the Alpujarras

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Dispatches: Galápagos

Sea lions, pelicans and in-your-face wildlife in harmony with humans on the Galapagos Islands

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Wildlife of Malawi: A ride on the wild side

From amateur twitching to hair-raising elephant encounters, get up close and personal with Malawi's furred and feathered creatures

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Italy... by low cost airline

The cheapest flights to Italy's coveted destinations - plus what to do there once you arrive...

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Discover Greece's ancient ruins

Take a trip back in time on the Peloponnese peninsula

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The road less travelled

Meandering roads, national parks and huge ice fields, this is Chile at it's best.

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