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July / August 2014 issue • On sale from 26 June

Wild – what an evocative word! In this issue we explore both wild places and wildlife, from the least-visited national parks of the USA to the magnificent Hungarian plains, and the tiny but wildlife-rich kingdom of Swaziland...

Safari special: From camels to boats to balloon rides – we reveal the best ways to explore the African bush.

Whalewatching, Baja California: Ever wondered what the skin of a whale feels like? There's a special place in Mexico where the whales love to play with humans!

India: "It's India – but not as you know it." Let us introduce you to magical but little-known 'land of the dawn-lit mountains', Arunachal Pradesh.

Hungary: Yee-hah! Gallop across the bird-rich Hungarian plains with Hungary's cowboys...

USA's Wildest National Parks: These 21 national parks are gloriously rugged, and little known. How many have you visited?

Swaziland: Get close – like, really close – to rhinos in Africa's tiny kingdom.

Plus... Expert guide to buying a motorhome; Wild Scotland; Bogota; Rio's Christ the Redeemer; travel shirts; overcoming fear of flying; Nigel Planer; Joe Cornish on taking great landscape photos; Panama Canal, and much, much more

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Articles from this issue

The American nightmare: diseases and health dangers in the USA

Don't be lulled by the American dream – the USA actually has some rather nasty beasties lurking in its wild places...

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How to tackle your fear of flying

Do you get sweaty palms at the thought of taking off? Do you battle a flying phobia every time you travel? You need these tips for fearless flying...

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Tracking rhinos in Swaziland

Swaziland might be tiny, but it packs a mighty punch: it's got mountains and rich game parks, and a rhino population that's actually on the up...

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Whale watching in Baja California

The grey whales of Baja California are a friendly bunch - could a cetacean smooch here be the world's best wildlife encounter?

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Short break: wild Scotland

There's never enough time to see all of Scotland, but take the sleeper train to enjoy a prime slice of mountains, forests and lochs in a long weekend

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First 24 hours in Bogotá, Colombia

The Colombian capital has a bad reputation, but it’s actually a colonial gem, offering parklife, people-watching, great graffiti and lots of gold

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What's your safari style?

The African safari is one of travel’s greatest experiences, but what’s the best way for you to do it? By foot? By boat? By hoof? Do you want to get closer? Or higher? Read on for our guide to the different ways to tour the wild...

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Reader's story: Halong Bay, Vietnam

In the waters of dreamy Halong Bay, Reader James Rowland falls for a French girl and plots a Vietnam adventure. It all started with a pair of knickers...

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Traveller’s guide to: Travel shirts

A travel shirt is more than a fashion statement: these hardworking items can protect you from the sun (and biting insects too), keep you cool, hide your valuables and help you look smart everywhere from mountain slopes to city bar

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9 unusual city breaks

Tired of all the usual weekend city trip destinations? We bet you haven't considered these quirky urban breaks...

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