May 2014

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May 2014 issue • On sale from 17 April

Secret Islands - from Brazil to Indonesia, Greece, Spain, USA, Australia, Antarctica, Kenya, Sweden and the UK - we reveal your perfect crowd-free idylls

Vietnam: Forget Halong Bay - come with us on a junk boat as we check out the little-visited bay next door...

Canada: Discover Prince Edward Island, the locals' best kept-secret and perfect island escape

Falklands: Meet the wildlife and resilient people who call this far flung archipelago home

Canary Islands: ...but not as you know them. Follow us to El Hierro, once believed to be the edge of the world

Plus... Norway's Svalbard, UK's Scilly Isles, Tasmania, combat sea sickness, celebrate bus travel, Julia Bradbury, travel sandals tested and much, much more

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Julia Bradbury interview on walking the walk


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Falkland Islands

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Canary Islands

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Articles from this issue

Could you survive a sailing trip?

Thinking about trying a sailing trip but not sure what to expect? Here’s how to get started, from gauging the costs, to knowing the risks, to deciding where to go, to – eventually – becoming a master of the seas.

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How to photograph waterfalls

Want to capture a waterfalls on your travels? Wanderlust’s photo expert Steve Davey shares his professional tips

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How to stop sea sickness

Nothing ruins a spectacular sea voyage like the onset of motion sickness – but these tips will help you combat the quease, whenever it strikes...

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Finding paradise islands in Vietnam

Halong Bay is one of the New Wonders of the World and tourists flock to sail its karst-dotted waters. However, a few miles away there’s another bay – just as beautiful but minus the crowds...

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First 24 hours in Hobart, Tasmania

Dismissed as a backwater, the Tassie capital – with its super setting, rich history and fabulous food – is coming of age

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A short break in Tresco, Isles of Scilly

A little slice of Britain with a splash of the Med – head off to the Cornish coast for a relaxing ramble around the UK’s most idyllic getaway

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Falkland Islands: living on the edge of the earth

Island survival doesn’t come much tougher than on the Falklands archipelago, the place to meet a wealth of wonderful wildlife and the equally resilient human residents

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Finding serenity on Prince Edward Island

With its rosy sands, flaming cliffs, ruby-roofed lighthouses and red-headed girl, Prince Edward Island is the hot spot Canadians want to keep to themselves

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Vietnam's alternative to Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of the New Wonders of the World and tourists flock to sail its karst-dotted waters. However, a few miles away there’s another bay – just as beautiful but minus the crowds

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Traveller's guide to: Sandals

Forget the humble flip-flop – sandals have evolved. Whether you need them for simple sightseeing, easy strolling or adventure activities such as hiking and kayaking, they can be the most versatile piece of footwear in your bag

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9 incredible water-based trips

Travelling on the water – be it river voyage, sea journey or coastal kayak – opens up a whole new world. These trips are among the best...

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5 islands you shouldn't dismiss

Most adventure-hungry travellers wouldn't give these islands a second look - but you'd be silly to do the same

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