April 2012

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April issue • On sale 22 March

If you’ve ever looked at a map of southern Africa and wondered, ‘where do I begin?’, we have the answer: Victoria Falls. Our 12-page guide to Africa’s greatest natural wonder gives you seven wonderful ways to mix the falls with a safari.

Also this issue, we discover the backwoods delights of Québec, the rural charms of Ibiza and the surprising pleasures of travel in Palestine. Plus, the winners of our 2012 travel awards, communing with seals in the Scilly Isles, a human-powered crossing of Costa Rica and our pick of exotic cruises worldwide.

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Below are more archive articles and travel guides relating to the features in this month's issue.

Classic Canada

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Offbeat Ibiza

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Travel Icon: Victoria Falls

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Crossing Costa Rica

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Wandering the West Bank

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Plus there's still more:

Check out previous columns and blogs by Wanderlust contributor and founder of Bradt guides Hilary Bradt here.

This issue, Wanderlust's production editor Tom Hawker caught up with author Stuart Maconie about his latest book, Never Mind The Quantocks.

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Articles from this issue

Photography tips: view life in vertical

Cameras are designed to be held horizontally, but some subjects are just better captured from a different angle. It's time to turn your camera on its side!

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Be prepared with first aid

Would you know what to do if a fellow traveller had a seizure or an asthma attack? Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth helps you help companions with specialist needs

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Great British walks with Stuart Maconie

Music journalist Stuart Maconie takes us on a tour around Britain's countryside, while talking about his new book, Never Mind The Quantocks

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Simon Reeve on the Indian Ocean

TV presenter and adventurer Simon Reeve talks about his upcoming series 'Indian Ocean' and why he's feeling a little under the weather...

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Palestine: Wandering the West Bank

Despite the headlines, Palestine is safe to visit – and its ancient cities and proud people make for fascinating travel, says Matthew Teller

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Offbeat Ibiza

Secret coves, forest trails and eco-friendly farmstays – Nick Boulos discovers the slower-paced side of the Balearic isle

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Crossing Costa Rica with manpower

12 people, two weeks, 273km by raft, bike and foot: Mark Stratton sets out to traverse Central America

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Short break: Ålesund, Norway

Craving a hiking weekend but don’t fancy the Alps? Daisy Cropper heads to Ålesund, to combine the city’s cultural delights with breathtaking yomps around the nearby fjords

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How to explore classic Canada

Moose, bears, whales, mountains, maples: for a slice of quintessential Canadian wilderness not too far from civilization, head for Québec, says Sarah Baxter

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Escape to the Isles of Scilly

William Gray discovers coral-fringed reefs and flirtatious seals off the Cornish coast

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First 24 hours in Havana, Cuba

Classic cars, faded signs and pastel walls scream colonial time-warp, yet there is something peculiarly beguiling about this Caribbean city on the cusp of a change, says Philip Sweeney

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Go now! Top trips to take this month

Fancy packing your bag and making for the airport? Check out these four easy escapes to take this month

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10 things to do for free in Kraków

As it prepares for Euro 2012, Fiona Trowbridge discovers the Polish city’s often overlooked fleamarkets, legends and bohemian hideouts – without spending a zloty

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7 tips on how to track wild animals

Expert tracker Ian Maxwell helps you pick up the scent in the world's wildest places

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6 ways to commemorate the Titanic centenary

On 14 April 1912, the ‘unsinkable ship’ did just that; 100 years on, people around the world are commemorating the tragedy

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7 ways to see Victoria Falls

It’s one of the world’s greatest sights – but will only take a few days. Mike Unwin explains the best ways you can extend your stay to make the most out of Africa

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