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Intrepid has launched a new range of affordable, authentic Food Adventures. Find out more here

You won’t find any Michelin stars or week-long cookery courses on the delicious new range of Food Adventures from Intrepid Travel. What you will find, are some of the world’s most authentic, affordable food experiences, from eating local delicacies at street food stalls, to meeting artisan producers and learning to cook regional specialties. And all in destinations such as Vietnam, Mexico, Spain and India.

Intrepid’s 20 new Food Adventures are designed as an alternative to high-end, gourmet food tours and are led by a local tour leader, who is passionate about their cuisine and has the inside scoop on the best local producers, restaurants and street stalls. As well as indulging in the destination’s best food experiences, there’s also time to explore its cultural highlights, such as the Taj Mahal in India or Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Whatever your budget, time frame and appetite, there’s an authentic, mouth-watering food adventure to suit. There are Real Food Adventures, which are 8–14 day tours that showcase the ‘real food’ culture of multiple regions within a single country. Destinations include China, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Spain and Turkey. Bite-size Breaks focus on a single region over 3–5 days, making them ideal for a long weekend or short getaway. Destinations include Tokyo, New Orleans, the Veneto region in Italy, the Galicia region in northern Spain, and the Bangkok/Chiang Mai region in Thailand. If you’ve only got a few hours to spare, Intrepid’s Urban Food Safaris are 3–4 hour ‘food crawls’ which offer a unique insight into some of the best-known food cities and emerging hotspots, including Istanbul, Athens, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Delhi and Hanoi.

Intrepid has recruited some passionate chefs and food experts to help design the tours, including Thomasina Miers, the cookery writer, former Masterchef winner and founder of Mexican ‘market eating’ restaurant chain Wahaca. You can be sure that whether you’re on a taco crawl in Mexico, snacking on cicchetti in Venice or slurping a bowl of pho in Vietnam you’re experiencing the most authentic local cuisine.

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