Experience travel first-hand with an Outdoor activity

Outdoor Activities


Hiking, kayaking, surfing, rafting, scuba diving horse-riding, dog-sledding, horse-riding... add an outdoor activity to your travels and holidays

Whether you want a gentle intro to adventure or a high-adrenalin, dice-with-death escapade, someone somewhere will offer the activity for you.


The great thing about most of these outdoor activities is that they provide the best ways of experiencing the landscape you’re travelling through.


Take the Arctic Circle in winter – head to Kiruna in Sweden to mush your own team of huskies for an exhilarating ride across the icy wilderness. Or do as the locals do in Québec, Canada, and strap on a pair of cross-country skis to explore the pine forests. In Spitsbergen you can zip over frozen lakes on a snowmobile – you might even meet a polar bear.


If the water is less solid, explore other options. Kayaking and canoeing are great ways to access hidden coves and lakeshores. For example, trundle along the gentle waterways of Latvia for castle close-ups, float around the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, to soak up the maritime history, or – for something completely different – view the skyscrapers of New York City from kayak-level with a paddle up the Hudson River.


If you like the water more rapid, try rafting the white water of Slovakia (some of Europe’s best), the croc and hippo-full Zambezi, or the casbah-lined rivers of Morocco.


Underwater, you can learn to dive worldwide – the Caribbean’s ‘nature isle’, Dominica, is a good spot. Or why not snorkel with killer whales in the Norwegian fjords? Diving with whale sharks off little-known Djibouti will earn you good bragging rights, while swimming with dolphins off New Zealand’s South Island can be an emotional experience.


Back on land you could jump on a horse for a gaucho-style gallop across the Argentine pampa, camel trek out into the deserts of Rajasthan, India, hike up mighty Mount Damavand, Iran…


The list goes on, the choice is yours.

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Top 10 Outdoor Activities

    • 1. Hike through the Himalaya to reach Everest Base Camp, Nepal
    • 2. Raft the hippo-dotted rapids of the Zambezi River, Zambia
    • 3. Cycle amid tobacco fields and revolutionary relics on the Caribbean island of


      4. Rise above the fairy chimneys of Turkey’s


      region in a hot air balloon 5. Gallop across the volcanic landscapes of wildest


      on a surefooted pony 6. Kayak with icebergs and playful dolphins in the fjords, lakes and inlets of

New Zealand

      7. Learn to dive off the authentic

Caribbean isle of Dominica

      8. Strap on your crampons to climb mighty

Mont Blanc

      , France 9. Mush a pack of eager huskies across the sparkling wilderness of

Arctic Sweden

      10. Canoe with loons and wolves in the wonderfully remote

Isle Royale National Park

    , Michigan, USA