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Slovakia travel information, including maps of Slovakia, food, drink and where to stay in Slovakia plus the best time to travel in Slovakia

Visit the Tatra mountain range of the Carpathians for skiing in the winter, or hiking during the Spring and Autumn. Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, is a hotspot of winding cobbled streets, countless pubs and bars and local craft shops, as well as some quality designer stores.

Away from the capital, take a cruise down the river Danube – or conquer its cousin the Little Danube in a canoe. Visit churches and castles for a peek at Slovakia’s history – try the St Elizabeth Cathedral in Kosice for some truly breathtaking architecture.

Hiking isn’t limited to the mountains, and the aptly named Slovak Paradise national park has plenty of routes to keep you occupied. Finally, visit a skanzen (open air museum) for a delightful blend of culture and fresh air.

Wanderlust recommended experiences in Slovakia

  1. Take a rafting weekend in Slovakia
  2. Hike the trails in Slovak Paradise national park
  3. Ski the slopes of the Tatras in winter
  4. Browse the folk art centres of Bratislava
  5. Canoe your way down the Little Danube
  6. See wooden churches in Slovakia’s rural villages

Wanderlust tips

Don’t leave Slovakia without visiting a spa – Slovaks place great trust in their healing properties. There are a total of 23 spa towns in the country, and several spa resorts high in the mountains.

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Travel in Slovakia vital stats


  • Capital of Slovakia: Bratislava
    Population of Slovakia: 5.5 million
    Languages in Slovakia: Slovak. Czech is also fairly common. Hungarian is widely spoken in the southern regions and Ruthenian is common in the northeast. Many Slovakians, especially the younger generations, will speak some English and German.
  • Time in Slovakia: GMT+1
  • International dialling code for Slovakia: +421
  • Voltage in Slovakia: 220V 50Hz
  • Visas for Slovakia: Visas for Slovakia
  • Money in Slovakia: Euro. Major credit cards can be used for withdrawals ATMs and for payment in larger establishments. Tipping is appreciated in restaurants and by taxi drivers.
  • Slovakia travel advice: Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Slovakia tourism board: Slovakia


    When to go to Slovakia

    Slovakia sees scorching summers and chilly winters: to avoid the extremes of temperature, travel in the Spring or Autumn when the mountains are perfect for hiking and there is plenty of seasonal colour about. In the Summer, find a break from the heat in Slovakia’s lakes and caves.

    The Winter is ideal skiing season in the Carpathians, although in the rest of the country some tourist attractions may be closed. Bratislava is bustling all year round.

    International airports

    Bratislava-Ivanka (BTS) is 9km northeast of Bratislava.

    Getting around in Slovakia

    It’s simple to get from A to B in Bratislava – bus, tram and trolleybus all run frequently, with day pass tickets available on the buses. Taxis are easy to book and are not astronomically priced. Car hire is considerably cheaper than in neighbouring countries – and this is your best bet if you want to explore Slovakia’s rural areas. Trains run throughout the country, although some of the minor routes can be slow. Comfortable buses also run between larger cities. Alternatively, go via boat down the Danube for a scenic route.

    Slovakia accommodation

    Hotels can be found throughout the towns and cities and in ski resorts. There are plenty of campsites in Slovakia, usually accompanied by a lido. Mountain hotels are also popular. Private apartments and family-run guesthouses can also be found.

    Slovakia food & drink

    Slovak meals have a tendency towards the hearty – with plenty of potatoes, cabbage, pork and cheese. Vegetarian dishes are limited. Thick soups are a usual lunchtime dish, which is the main meal of the day.

    A popular dessert consists of pancakes with sweet fillings. Beer is a popular beverage and comes in many different types. Honey wine is another local drink.

    Health & safety in Slovakia

    Always check with a GP or travel health clinic before travel, however no vaccinations are legally required to travel to Slovakia. Use a strong sun tan lotion in the summer and don’t spent prolonged time in the open. Protect against ticks in woodland areas by covering up.

    Slovakia has a low rate of violent crime but be wary of petty theft in urban areas.

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