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A few of the things about travel that make us very, very cross, by angry but anonymous Wanderlust contributors

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Put your *&^%* camera away!

Generally, we at Wanderlust love travel photography. But when our fellow travellers push us to breaking point, the red mist descends...

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Don't ask us to a festival!

Despite the long queues, over-priced accommodation and pressure to have an amazing time, we all like a good old festival (don't we?)

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Hostels - haven or hell?

Hostels are a cheap form of accommodation but sometimes their affordability comes at a price...

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Why I won't sponsor you to go on holiday...

You want to climb to Machu Picchu? Well, go on then... but I'm not going to shell out for your trip while I stay at home

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What happened to the travel journalist?

Inside every D-list celeb there’s a Z-list TV travel presenter fighting to get out. Tragically, says Hazel Plush, many succeed, funded by our licence fee! Grrr...

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13 overrated tourist traps

Simon Goddard lets rip at the world's most tourist-swarmed attractions and reveals the places he thinks you should simply avoid

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