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For four years, Brit Abroad Natasha Young harboured in the Catalan capital teaching English to burly dockers and bored businessmen.

After a year in the shadow of the Andes in Santiago de Chile, she's now back in Barcelona working for the English-language magazine, Metropolitan and blogging her little heart out.

She could murder a good curry and rather misses the rain in England.

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Back in Barcelona

Not much has changed in Barcelona - and it's still too hot to wear your heart on your sleeve as Brit Abroad, Natasha Young, discovers

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Barcelona, can you fix it?

A handwritten sign said it was open for 2 hours a day, closed Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, August and on holidays – but they could fix most things

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How not to get robbed in Barcelona

I can’t remember a day in Barcelona that wasn’t interrupted by someone chasing a purse-snatcher or wailing for the police. By all means go, but read this first

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Barcelona streetlife

Tantalise your tastebuds with Barcelona's best-kept secret eats

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