Wanderlust Off the Page podcast: South Georgia

In this episode of the Wanderlust: Off the Page podcast, we join travel writer Mark Stratton on an Ernest Shackleton inspired adventure to South Georgia...

2 mins

Join award-winning travel writer and broadcaster Mark Stratton on a journey that combines a mind-blowing Antarctic expedition with a bit of citizen science.

"As a bristling polar wind shrieks off the bay...I experience an overpowering aura emanating from a headstone, hewn from Edinburg granite, in Grytviken cemetery. Watched by a doe eyed baby fur seal scratching against a tombstone. I feel a synthesis of everything I love about traveling: remoteness, so utterly different to normal life, the power of a journey to transform your senses, and exhortation of achieving a lifelong dream. In my reverie, I fumble inside my jacket pocket and pull out a silver hip flask of whiskey. And as custom dictates, raise a toast under South Georgia's leaden skies. 'To the boss', I mouthed. 'To Sir Ernest Shackleton.'"

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