Wanderlust Off the Page: Austria

In this partner special episode of the Wanderlust: Off the Page podcast, we explore the wellness benefits of Austria's extraordinary nature with travel writer Helen Moat...

2 mins

For this episode of Wanderlust Off The Page podcast, we are joined by travel writers Aaron Millar and Helen Moat to talk about the power that travel and natural spaces can have on our mind and body.  

During the episode, Aaron and Helen discuss their shared love of Austria and what they think makes the beautiful country so special. From forest bathing and cold water swimming to escaping to the mountains and getting lost in the starry night sky, our two experts arm us with heaps of ideas of how and where to relax and rejuvenate in Austria.  

Throughout the episode, you will also have a chance to listen to Helen reading out snippets from her inspiring articles about Austria, which helps us to unpick the relationship between spending time in nature and our mental and physical health.   

 Get ready to join us on a sensory journey through the wild Austrian landscapes…

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