Wanderlust Off the Page: Algeria

In this episode, regular Wanderlust contributor Mark Stratton explores the unique history and culture of Africa's largest country...

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"Visitors to Algeria will discover a majestic cultural mosaic...a country finding its own voice."

When writer Mark Stratton decided to visit Algeria, he was unsure what to expect. Africa's largest country is anything but homogenous; from weathered Roman ruins to gleaming Ottoman mosques, wind-whipped sand dunes and vibrant oasis gardens, every corner boasts a blend of history and culture that is entirely unique.

Follow Mark as he recounts his travels, winding from the breezy Mediterranean streets of Algiers through the scorching dunes of the Sahara Desert. From sampling sweet dates to marveling at ancient mosaics, he paints a picture of contemporary Algeria, a place that refuses to be defined by anything - or anyone - but itself.

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