Wanderlust Off the Page podcast: Hot List 2022

In this episode of the Wanderlust Off the Page podcast, Wanderlust's travel editors dive into three destinations from our 2022 travel Hot List; Malta, Brazil and AlUla...

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Eager to explore the Malta’s natural and cultural treasures? Venture into the Brazilian jungle to spot jaguars at night? Or perhaps learn more about the mystical lands of AlUla? In the first ever episode of Wanderlust Off the Page, Wanderlust Magazine’s editors - including Editor-in-Chief George Kipouros, Founding editor Lyn Hughes and Special Features Editor Rosie Fitzgerald – provide their expert insight into these trending destinations, as seen on Wanderlust’s destination hot list for 2022.

The Hot List was announced at beginning of the year, carefully selected by our editors to reveal the off-the-radar countries, cities and regions which will certainly grab the attention of many travellers in the months ahead – from new UNESCO World Heritage Sites to landmark anniversaries.

Rosie Fitzgerald goes beyond Malta’s popular party resorts and advises listeners about the important historical highlights of Malta as it celebrates its 80th anniversary since it received its St George’s Cross for what it endured during the siege of Malta in 1942.

George Kipouros expresses his enthusiasm about his recent trip to the once forbidden land of Saudi Arabia, and why it provides such a positive experience for travellers today. From the welcoming locals and world-leading hospitality, to the fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the iconic ancient city of AlUla, this vast Arabian world offers so much to visitors.

Finally, Lyn Hughes celebrates the various magical landscapes of Brazil. She dives into its natural side and discusses its most magical wildlife experience in the Pantanal region, from anteaters to jaguars. 


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