Off the page: Germany's UNESCO Heritage (Partner Special)

In this episode, follow along on our journey to discover Germany's unique heritage sites, with quaint baroque towns, fairytale castles, and recently unearthed ancient fossils...

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Germany is a combination of uber cool and timeless tradition, with stunning landscapes and buzzing metropolises. Tourists flock to the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, the Rhine castles and the happening cities of Berlin and Munich, but this diverse country has so much more to see. 

So in today's episode, follow along on our journey through Germany's unique heritage sites. Host Aaron Millar will interview travel writer Andrew Eames, who will guide us through Northern Germany from the Baltic Sea on the east coast to the North Sea on the west coast.

Along the way we’ll uncover fascinating UNESCO heritage sites, quaint baroque towns, fairytale castles, recently unearthed ancient fossils, and a string of vacation islands. Yes, Germany has islands with spa resorts and perfectly placed beach towels. This will be a fantastisch journey! 

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