Wanderlust Off the Page podcast: Deep South USA

In this episode of the Wanderlust: Off the Page podcast, we go on a literary-themed road trip from Alabama to New Orleans...

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In the final episode of Wanderlust: Off the Page series two, we follow travel writer Jacqui Agate on a literary themed road trip across the Deep South USA.

This part of the world has inspired some of the great American writers, from Faulkner and Harper Lee to Tennessee Williams and more. Seeing it through their eyes offers a new perspective, and a new way to explore, one of the most fascinating parts of America. Travel with us from Alabama to New Orleans - this is the USA, the write way. 

"The sunlight dripped over the house like golden paint over an art jar.’" F Scott Fitzgerald wrote these honeyed words in 1920 – they open The Ice Palace, a tale of a restless Southern belle who strikes north with her new love. As I drove the curved path to the Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, I thought of these words as I rounded the bend. Evening light had coloured everything in pastels. The cedar-shingled house, where F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald lived for a stint in the early 1930s, was washed with peach sunshine. Out front, a tree stood slick with wisteria and the road glowed amber."

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